Sunday, March 12, 2017

Spring Spree

The last few weeks have been weird, weird, weird. Sickness has over run the Wood house and spared no one.  I am pretty sure even the dog is suffering from the effects this horribleness. So what does one do when they are stranded on the couch dreaming of warm weather?? Why shop online of course!
I kind of got a little carried away, but you know when you ever you pull things out of the closet and are like, "Darn it, I forgot about that hole!" or "Yikes this doesn't fit right anymore!", that was me, so it was time for some fun new springy things!

I have been wanting a top with that cute little criss cross detail at the neck and this was calling my name on Jane. Those daily emails are dangerous I tell you!

I scored this super cute little peplum on sale at Old Navy for $12. It's comfy and adorable, I am actually wearing it right now!

It came a little wrinkly in the package but this flowy, fun little knot tee should fit right in the spring rotation! Another Jane purchase. I am telling you, they have the BEST stuff!

Last week Callie requested a dress, yes, a dress! For a little party she was going to last Saturday, so while we were at Kohls I decided to browse the grown up lady clearance and found this flowery little top! The back has this lacy, button detail and it was 7$, 7$?!Get in my cart!

Another Old Navy purchase. It was super cute on the lady in the picture, but it kind of looks a little bit like muu muu actually on a real life person, not sure if I am keeping this one yet, but I just love the pop of the red embroidery!

Another Kohls find! This was only 6$, how do I keep forgetting about the glory that is Kohls clearance?!?

Last one, I promise. This was from Kohls as well. It's a little late in the season for a black floaty top, but I was thinking maybe for a spring date night with shorts or a skirt??

Well, that's it for my spring shopping spree, now I just need spring to get here and stay here so I put them to good use! 

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