Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thoughtful Thursday: Letter writing!

I just love some thoughtfulness! Callie is probably the sweetest girl when it comes to doing kind things for others and I just love it!
Last week for thoughtful Thursday we did 2 nice things!
While we were out on our morning stroll, Callie found some chalk in the stroller and she decided to write encouraging messages and pictures on the sidewalk for other kids visiting the park! How cute it that, y'all?!?
One said, "You are awesome!" and the other said, "Have a great day!"

Then when we got home she decided she wanted to write letters for soldiers. I did a little research and found tons of resources! Some of them are very confusing! One was fairly straightforward, it's . You just click on send a letter and follow the instructions. There are even sample letters and ideas. It also gives an address where you can send the letters for processing. What a cool ministry! The website also ask for a $1 donation to include with your letter for postage, which Callie actually pulled out of her own piggy bank. Without complaining. That's my girl!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What's cooking Wednesday: Reese's Dip!

This week has been a fun one! We keep trading kids out for Grandma camp, because 5 kids together is A LOT for one grandma to handle, so now Callie is off livin' it up and my buddy is back home with me!

Last week Callie and I whipped up this delicious treat! We are big fan of dips especially sweet ones! and the more chocolate the better!

You need:
1 stick of butter--softened
1 8 oz package of cream cheese--softened
3/4 cup of peanut butter
1/2 cup of brown sugar (I think we ended up actually using a whole cup, because it was not sweet enough)
1 tsp of vanilla
1/2 cup of Reese's peanut butter cups--chopped (we actually ended up using the whole bag which I am going to say was more than 1/2 a cup!)

This is super healthy right?? There is protein in peanut butter I think!

1. First cream together the butter and cream cheese using a hand beater.
2. Next add in the vanilla and brown sugar and continue to mix well.
3. Then fold in the chopped Reese's using a spatula.

4. Let it set up a little in the fridge, ours was a little warm from the cream cheese and butter sitting out to soften.
5. Last, enjoy with apples, vanilla wafers or my favorite, a spoon!

We definitely will be making this again!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Make Something Monday: 4th of July!

Almost half way through the summer! Wow it's going by so fast. This weekend was just marvelous and Today was another adventure with Callie, we were out all day and when we got home we had to make something quick!

I have NEVER decorated for the 4th of July and this year I thought, why not?
So ta-da!
Oh my word! This was THE hardest wreath I have ever made. EVER! I don't know why I struggled so bad with this! I used this festive patriotic burlap and it was so long and it kept shredding apart when I tried to weave it through the wire. I must have watched the video like 10 times and restarted like 8 times and it came out hot mess express. So I went back in and wove another piece of burlap through to cover the places where the wire was showing!

You need: scissors, burlap (sidebar, do not get this kind of burlap!) and a wire wreath form

I used this kind of form and here is the link that I used to help me make it! It was seriously so helpful!

You just weave it through and fluff it up and then twist it and start weaving through again. I mean it, watch the video, I cannot explain it correctly and I was so frustrated that I didn't stop and take pictures!

I also found some super cute bunting at Target in the dollar spot a few weeks ago and Callie and I hung it on the mantel to jazz it up a little and it came out great!
I can't wait for the 4th and family time and Brien and I's 7 anniversary meet you day! Happy 4th, y'all!!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Potions Master

This week on a ridiculously hot day we held Harry Potter potions class right here in the Wood kitchen.  Kellen was taking a nap and Callie and I had some time to kill and with her obsession with all things HP, this was a great way to fill an afternoon!

So here are the materials:
Wolf's Bane: Hydrogen peroxide

Crushed dragon bones: Baking soda

Basilisk Venom: Vinegar

Worm guts: dish soap

Dragon's blood: red food coloring

Gillyweed:  dried spices

Unicorn horn powder: glitter

Mandrake root: pretzels

Dream fluid: yeast

Eyeball of a bind cat: blueberries

Just by the way, these are NOT for eating and they smell awful!
First up we tried our hand at Veritserum (truth potion)...
You need:
2 pieces of mandrake root (pretzels)
1 cup of basilisk venom (vinegar)
2 drops of dragon blood (food coloring)
a pinch of gillyweed (spices)
Blind cat eyes (blueberries--the number of Harry Potter books you have read, we added 4)
1 squirt of worm guts (dish soap)
2 shakes of unicorn horn powder (glitter)
3 scoops of crushed dragon's bones (baking powder)
Combine in a large bowl and stir, stir, stir!

The more we stirred, the bigger the reaction! It was super cool! The potion actually dissolved our pretzels. Oops, I mean mandrake root.
The next potion was polyjuice potion (you know, for transforming into another person for an hour)
Clean your cauldron and add:
1/2 cup of wolfsbane (hydrogen peroxide)
1 squirt of worm guts (dish soap)
4 drops of dragon blood (food coloring)
3 tablespoons of dream fluid (yeast, we could only scrounge up 2 tablespoons and the reaction worked just fine)
Stir some more...
The reaction was super similar: foamy mess. But this potion smelled TERRIBLE!

So overall potions class was a ragin' success! I wish there were more recipes out there. I might have to do some additional research! I however cannot take ANY credit for the recipes. I actually found them among the geniuses on Pinterest! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Lemon Blueberry Dump Cake, What's Cookin' Wednesday!

It's back! I am so excited it summer and time for cooking! A few weeks ago we whipped up this delicious treat for dessert on Sunday dinner and it was delicious!

Have y'all ever had dump cake? It has an unfortunate name, but it is oh-so-good! I am pretty sure it's called that because you just dump everything in and bake, yeah, let's go with that!

Traditionally you make dump cake with cherry pie filling and pineapple chunks, but I went rogue this time.

Here's what you need:

1 box of lemon cake mix
1 large can of blueberry pie filling (I think next time I might take this to the next level and add lemon pie filling as well!)
1 large can of pineapple chunks
2 sticks of butter

1. Pre heat the oven to 350.  First mix the pie filling anddrained pineapple right in a 9x13 pan, just dump and mix right there. No need to dirty up a bowl!

2. Next sprinkle the whole box of cake mix over the top of the fruit. It seems like  lot, but just do it, this is the "crust".
3. Then grate up the butter. Usually I just slice it up, but I decided to give this a try. It just makes the butter lighter and easier to melt!
4. Then sprinkle the cheese, I mean butter, over the top of the cake mix as evenly as you can. Just sprinkle right on top, DO NOT MIX IT!

5. Pop that pan right in the oven for about 45 minutes. I checked mine at 30 and it was getting close to being done!
Ta-da! The finished product!
Serve this up warm with some vanilla ice cream and prepare your mouth for a party! So easy and so delicious!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Another week gone by....

Another precious week of summer has slipped me by! It was busy and crazy and well spent, but summer is drifting by too fast for me!

My make something Monday is not quite ready for a reveal, my Mister still has to put it together, so maybe next week!

This week I cleaned out my classroom. That was a little bittersweet! I went through my stuff at record speed, I emptied 8 drawers of files like lightening. I promised myself to not be a hoarder at school. No more! Callie was making fun of me, because all week I have been going through the whole house throwing things away and organizing and then she saw the glory that was my cabinets at school and laughed!

Bye Ahills! You were a great home for 8 years!
After cleaning my classroom I lunch with my fabulous team for last 3 years and just celebrated!

This last weekend my sister in law's sister got married and both of my children were "in the wedding". I say this because my precious ring bearer RE-fused to go down the aisle and got a little stage fright!
Minus his melt down it was a beautiful wedding and such a fun time!
This was Callie's 10th, 10th WOW! Wedding! She was so sweet and looked just beautiful with her Elsa braid!
My handsome "shy" guy!
The colors were lime green and hot pink, my fav!
My Boys!

Had to sneak a family shot in there!
The bride and groom were so cute!!
Are y'all seeing this venue?? 
Thank you for letting us share your special day, Cole and Aunt Becca! It was just beautiful!(P.S this was the only picture Kellen would be in. This boy, where does he get the stubbornness??)

After an exhausting Friday, we invited over the Nashville crew for a fun BBQ on Saturday. I forgot to take pictures, but lemme' tell you, it was hot and sweaty, but those kids sure had fun! And I was so impressed with my husband actually planning and doing everything for a get together. It was a nice change to not have to stress!
Sunday was Father's day and it was SO relaxing! We had breakfast with my dad, came home took naps and the kids lazed around and then we went to a family get together with Brien's side so he could visit with his dad. Father's day always seems a little more low maintenance than Mother's day for some reason!

This guy! Oh my word, do I love my daddy! As we speak, he is texting me about the dangers of allowing his granddaughter fly as an accompanied minor. He is always looking out for everyone. I have the best, easiest and funniest conversations with him. Hands down, best dad ever! I love you so VERY much daddy!

And this guy! I love everything about being a parent with him. I have loved watching him be a dad to Callie and then to Kellen and he proves that biology has nothing to do with fatherhood. He loves, jokes and plays like nothing else. I love you Mister Wood! Happy Father's day, sorry you didn't get that Traeger smoker, but I hope your nice button up shirt will make up for it, wink wink!

So, now here we are in week 4 of break and it will finally be a normal week! Callie is living it up at great grandma's house right and Kellen and I have organized all of his toys in his room and all over the house. A little boring, but productive! We shall see what other adventures we can get into!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

What I Wore Wednesday!

It's back with a vengeance because I have not posted WIWW since May! May... saaadddd!

Here is how I finished out the freezing cold school year...
Chambray: Target
Dress: Kohl's
There are shoes under there, they are silver Old Navy Flip Flops!

Dress: Old Navy
Necklace: Target
Flip Flops: Old Navy

Cardigan: Forever 21
Tank:??, Thrifted
Jeans: Old Navy
Flats: Old Navy

Tank: Old Navy
Sweater: Old Navy
Pants: Old Navy
Necklace: Target
Flats: Target

Dress: Target
Sweater shawl thingy: ??, Thrifted
Flats: Target

A warm day must have snuck in there!
Dress:??, Thrifted
Necklace: Home made
Flip Flops: Old Navy

Flamingo button up: Target
Pants: Gap, thrifted
Flats: J. Crew
Next time will be glorious summer outfits if it keeps on staying warm, fingers crossed, I need a tan for this wedding on Friday!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Thrifty finds!

This weekend I had the pleasure of going to my favorite little thrifty stores. It was glorious and I got exactly what I needed! I love it when  plan comes together!

Here are my treasures!
Tie dye pink shorts, yes please! Gap: 5.99

Coral pants that actually fit?? Get in my closet! 5.99

Pink Target boyfriend tee! I decided I am kind of low on tees so this fit the bill! 2.99

Another fun and easy tee! Old Navy 1.99

White shorts have been on list forever! This pair is great and NOT see through, which is important to me! Gap 5.99

Another cute little pair of shorts that are not too short and will be great for summer errands! American Eagle 5.99

These cute little bermuda shorts from Old Navy were a steal! 2.99

Pink pants! I don't know why these caught my eye, but last week one of my girlfriends from church had these on when she was picking up her kiddos and I decided I needed some too! Gap 5.99

Target dress! I ALMOST bought this dress during the winter for our 5280 dinner, I am so glad that I didn't pay $40 'cause this one was 3.99!

Black shorts! These are super cute shorts that are little more dressy and they had the tags still on! Express 3.99

I got a bunch of stuff for the kiddos too, some polos and shorts for Kellen and a few cute tops for Callie but they are in the wash, so no pics of those! I have missed my thrifty days and felt like a rockstar for spending less than $50 bucks on all this!! Yay for thrifting!