Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday Favorites and Other Randoms

Its been a spell since I have done a Friday Favorites and I have a whole gaggle of favorite things to share! I also have spent the last few days away from my biggest child and I am missing her like CRAZY! So I have been somewhat out of sorts going to school all alone and coming home and having nothing to do, cause there is not a child to care for!

So favorites...
I have actually been reading! How magical is that?!
Such a great book!! I loved Water For Elephants and this one was pretty different, but equally amazing. It's about this very societal lady whose husband drags her to Scotland to capture footage of the Loch Ness monster  and redeem his family name. During the day he leaves her to complete his research and she makes all kinds of friends with the locals and the people who run the inn where they are living. As the story unfolds, it turns out her husband is trying to have her committed and lobotomized so he can get her family fortune and the whole town bands together to save her. It will not let you down!

The Life I left Behind was recommended by my Amazon account after I read The Girl on the Train this fall. It was not my favorite drama,but more of a crime/mystery/drama. But it was also, oh-so-good and I read it all up in like 2 days while my kids were sick a few weeks ago. It follows two girls, one alive and one dead and they are trying to solve the dead girls murder, get the man who was wrongfully accused, acquitted and prevent further murders by the suspect who is still at large. So even if crime novels are not your jam, this was a pretty fun read!

Oh Custard Tarts. This was our book club read for February. It was pretty hard to get into, but about half way through, things got interesting! It starts out with the labor strikes in England and then leads into World War One. The characters in the book seem to walk every where. I am not sure if this was some kind of symbolism, but I kept reading and thinking, "Wow! They sure walk around town a lot in this book." They also reference a pennyfarthing bike. I totally had to google this one! P.S it's an old timey bicycle. Besides the walking and biking, it follows 3 families through this time period and their struggle and loss. Plus it's based on a true story, so cool right?! Not my favorite book of all time, but it was a-okay, if you like historical fiction.

A random from one of my favorite instagram shops. I laughed and laughed....

The weather had been completely outstanding, minus a few windy days! So we took a random trip to the park. It was glorious! Now all we need is leaves on these naked trees! Also, random, how cute are these kids?! 

A random trip (or 10) to my old high school! Callie had a competition two weekends ago for her nerd club (her words, not mine) at my old alma mater. So I spent the better part of a day wandering back and forth to the high school to pick her up and drop her off between events.

This is a not a random high school hallway, but in fact the very hall way my locker was in senior year. Oh memories!

And last but not least, my FAVORITE date night of the year! 5280 night with the Wood Family. We tried out a new place this year called 1515 on Market street, downtown. The food and drinks were amazing. We all got the Kobe beef sirloin and it was so super yummy! I highly recommend it!

So hurray for Friday's and favorites and randoms! Happy weekend!

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