Monday, February 29, 2016

Poke Cake

This weekend I threw together this pretty delicious cake. I don't know if you know this about me, but I am somewhat of a cake connoisseur. This dessert was not my usual super rich deliciousness, but it was super easy to make and it might even be a good treat to bring to a dinner or gathering!

You need: 1 box of chocolate cake mix (and whatever you need to prepare the cake, mine needed oil and 3 eggs)
Cool whip
 1 can of sweet and condensed milk
Caramel syrup
Chocolate syrup
1 bag of Heath bars

First, bake the cake as directed on the box. Allow the cake to cool, then have your handy helper poke holes in the cake with a wooden spoon.

Next pour on the sweet and condensed milk and caramel. Then put the cake in the refrigerator to cool completely.

After the cake is totally cooled, "frost" it with cool whip. Then drizzle on the chocolate and caramel.

Last, top with the crushed Heath bars and pop back into the fridge until you are ready to serve it.

It was pretty yummy and super easy!
I am already thinking of ways that I can modify for next time. My family thought it might be a good idea to try it with brownie mix instead of cake mix. Or another idea was to use 2 cans of sweet and condensed milk so it's not quite so dry. Or even try it with real frosting, hmmm so many possibilities! We shall see how the modifications come out next time!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

If you give a girl some spray paint....

...She's gonna paint some random stuff! I have been noticing on Pinterest this fad of painting random things gold or a high gloss white and I decided to give it try on one crafty afternoon last week!

I had bought these pears at the $ Tree and I was going to try to crystallize them, but that seemed messy, so spray paint it was!

I had purchase some gold spray paint last summer and now I could finally put it to good use!

Voila! Cute and random decor for my kitchen and I love the way they turned out!
What will I spray paint next?!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

What I Wore This Week!

So it's not Wednesday and had been a weird week, but I thought I would squeeze some outfits in because, well I want them off my phone!
Here we go...
I was feeling a little military this day!
Sweater: ?? Thrifted!
Vest: Target
Necklace: Homemade!
Pants: Old Navy
Camo Flats: Target

I had planned all of these super cute skirt outfits, but the weather just did not cooperate and I was too cold!
Sweater: Old Navy
Top:?? H&M, thrifted!
Pants: Old Navy
Flats: Target

Sweater: Target
Gingham button up: Old Navy
Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: Target
Necklace: Jane

I had to get one of my precious peanut in. She looked so cute for our sing song trip!
Dress: Hand me down from cousins
Jacket and flats: Target

Cardi: Target
Blouse: Target
Pants: Target
Flats: Target
Wow, that's all Target...Hmmm, maybe I need to branch out a little??!

Until Next week, you stay snazzy!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Adventures in Abilene

Last weekend Callie and I departed on a perilous journey to...Abilene,Texas! Now I say perilous because we almost were killed several time whilst on the road coming and going, but we had the BEST time together and I loved our little girl's getaway!

Every February my Alma Mater puts on an awesome show called sing-song, where all of the fraternities and sororities compete with each other in a singing competition. The best way I can think to describe it is "Pitch Perfect" with larger groups. I had not been in years and Callie saw a video clip of a performance and decided that we MUST go!

 So, this trip was one of many mixed emotions... First: Fear!
I have made the glorious journey to west Texas many times in my day, but we always went one particular way and I was usually in the company of my family or friends traveling with me.

This time I chose a "faster route" on the map and we probably did make better time with less traffic, less 2 lane highway with passing lanes, but I know the signal for phones is super spotty in the middle of no where and I was terrified of it not working. I thought my little sticky note directions would be helpful as a precaution and I am so glad because we definitely had to bust them out!

Also I have this paralyzing fear of being lost. I mean 2 girls alone out on the highway and then add lost and confused to that. Bad combo right there!

Also the weather was a little scary as well. It was warm and sunny but there were horrifically strong winds that day. It was the most white knuckled, anxious adrenaline filled drive, I think I have ever made! and I was worried that I would be sleepy... not so much!

We were almost blown off of the road several times by cross winds or semis trying not to crash. Plus visibility was really poor due to all of the dust and dirt being blown off the fields. It was THE worst 13 hours of my life, pretty much!
Tiny windmills from the backseat!

I was never so glad to see that oh-so special town that was my home for 5 years! Once we were there our fabulouso trip went off without a hitch!

Next feeling... Nostalgia! I haven't been back to Abilene in looonnnggg time! I think the last time was when Callie was a baby! When we first pulled into town we had a few minutes to kill so I drove Callie by all of my old dorms and the places I called home while I was at college. It was so weird to think about the places I  had lived for years of my life and the memories I made there compared to where I am at now in my life. Callie was fascinated with dorm life and seeing the places where her dad and I had lived as newlyweds.

After our trip down memory lane we had a lovely dinner at the Tortilla Factory, an old favorite and Callie was, again, fascinated with being able to see tortillas actually being made. So much new stuff for her!

We were staying with Callie's Meme's friend's from college. I had only met them a few times, when I actually lived in Abilene, but they are the most precious people. They have a super neato house south of town "out in the country" on a few acres and it was just so lovely! Their house was also incredibly interesting to Callie as they had a pool, hammock, super smooth wood floors for dancing and shelves PACKED with books. She was in heaven!

On our first actual day of the trip we sure did pack it in! We visited my old college campus. It is amazing to see all of the new buildings, renovation and construction that have been done and that they are doing at ACU. We were also able to go to chapel service, which Callie loved, as did I! Every day from 11-11:30 the student body gathers in the coliseum for worship, singing, and a speaker. It was one of my favorite things about going to a christian school and I love the tradition! They were also having a ground breaking ceremony for the new football field that is being built on campus. It was pretty awesome!

This girl is ready to be a wild cat!
Oh creepy mascots!

My favorite spot on campus, the path between the bible and business buildings and through to the campus center. Tons of memories here, y'all!

After our lovely campus tour we headed to the booming metropolis of down town Abilene. Okay, not really, but there are some cool things to do down town!

We hit up the chocolate factory, the illustrated children's books museum, the Paramount theater and the bakery for some yummy treats!
This place has the BEST chocolate y'all!

The oldest theater in town! It still plays movies every weekend and there is the coolest ceiling that looks like the night sky with little twinkling stars. A great place to visit!

McKay's bakery! Callie said they had the best petit fours she had ever had in her life and was sure to tell the girls working the counter about it!

After a busy day in the "city", we headed home to freshen up for dinner and shopping for gun stuff! I had many requests for ammo and gun supplies that are available in Texas, but illegal in CO. Gotta love Texas!

On Saturday of our vacation we started out early at The Grace! It was first hotel in Abilene and someone bought it and converted it into a children's museum and gallery. It was another super cool new place to take Callie and she had a blast!

Fun at The Grace! This wall was no piece of art! When ever you touched one of the wood panels it chimed or played a note, but we could NOT figure out how to work it! So cool!

After our museum adventure it was time for the big show, Sing Song! We changed into our snazzy dresses and headed back to the hill for the extravaganza! It was a great show this year and all of the social clubs did a wonderful job. I remember performing in sing song and it is SO much work! Practice every night for hours, learning the  music and choreography in just a few short weeks, on top of school work, real work and just life in general. I can appreciate all that goes into these performances. And it was super cool to see my old sorority and how much it has grown since the old days! They were huge!

They do ridiculous face painting on all of the participants and this year they had a face painting set up for all the kids who came! It looks very strange up close, but far away it looks like you are really happy to be there!

The picture doesn't really do it justice, but here is everyone involved in the production! Such a great show!

The rest of our trip was quiet and relaxing before the big drive home on Sunday. The wind driving home was pretty minimal, so we had an easy trip. I felt like I could drive in any conditions after our journey on Thursday! You know when you have those moments of bravery after a tough time. I was feeling rather confident that I would do anything after getting across the country and back in two days! 

So our Abilene adventure was a success and Callie decided that we needed to make it annual trip. I would be up for that, good times with my girl!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What I Wore Wednesday

I have to preface this post by saying that all of the clothing you are about to see are from last week or earlier! Parent teacher conferences and the general shenanigans of Valentines day have gotten the better of me and I am super behind!

Here we go...
Scarf: Target
Dress: Target
Flats: Target

Scarf: Jane
Sweater: Thirfted
Pants: Old Navy
Flats: Amazon

Top: Gap
Vest: Jane
Skirt: Target
Heels: Kohl's

Dress: Old Navy
Cardigan: Target
Boots: Target

Valentines day at school!!
Sweater: Old Navy
Necklace: Target
Jeans: Target
Flats: Old Navy

Another week down!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Magic Trash

Dear me, we are riding the hot mess express in my classroom these past few weeks! With the snow and the melting and grass and the general grossness of children, the floor of my classroom was taking a beating!

I came up with the most ridiculous game a few weeks ago and it has saved my life! What children will do for a piece of candy, enter "Magic Trash!"

One Wacky Wednesday, I was wondering around my classroom eating some sour gummy worms left over from a project, as the children cleaned up for the day and stacked their chairs. I spotted some trash and one of my crazy curious students said, "Mrs. Wood, will you give me a gummy worm if I pick up all the trash?" Now, I am not super into bribery, but hey this was workin' in my favor and magic trash was born!

Now, every day I perch on a chair and overlook the room and I choose like 3 pieces of trash in weird places, under the sink, in the corner, near the library where no one sits, but trash always shows up. Then I watch the kids practically dive bombing the floor to get anything they can! They request this game everyday and for the low, low price of 3 sour gummy worms, I have the cleanest floor in the whole dang school!

Ahhh! Spotless!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

How to fix wood scratches with this easy trick...

You know those creepy ads that show up on your facebook that say "How to lose 30 lbs with this easy trick" OR "How to make 3 billion dollars with this easy trick". Those always make me laugh, do people really click on them?? Anywho...

 This one is REAL I assure you!!

So recently our dog has taken to attacking the doors and windows in our house when he see something outside that makes him angry or concerned. It has ruined some of our door and window frames!
That's a naughty puppy!

One day I was on Pinterest and I saw how to repair scratches in wood and I decided to give it a try. I mean it couldn't look any worse that it did, right??

Literally all I did was pour Olive Oil on a paper towel and it changed my life!
This was the before...
Yikes, you can imagine how mad I was!!
Aaaannnddd, after...
Amazing!! I had NO idea that oil could do this!!
All you do is rub the oil in the scratches and they seem to vanish. Some of the deeper ones required a little more rubbing, but I seriously cannot believe this worked! Thank goodness for easy tricks!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Favorites

Here are some favorites 'round our house this week...

Girl scout cookies! They have taken over my dining room and our lives! It's just too tempting to have 1,000 cookies taking up residence in my home. I have already polished a box of Samoas, clearly the best cookie. Some of you may argue that thin mints are the best, however, Samoas have more substance to them and are a far more complex cookie, much better in my book, than tiny minty cookies.

Hue 'Blackout' Leggings
Leggings! I am huge supporter of leggings and frequently wear them as pants with longer tops and dresses (cover those crotches, no one needs that in their lives) I usually order a few pairs at the beginning of winter off Jane or pick up a few pairs at Target. By the end of winter, they are a pilly, linty, faded mess! Apparently these are the must have leggings. The don't stretch, fade or pill. They are a little on the pricy side, but I figured I was spending $40 anyway and then just throwing them away! So far, these have been great and totally worth it! They are the perfect amount of stretch, they wash well, they have a nice high waistband and they are not see through at all, and that matters to most people that their pants are not see through!

                                               Image result for person of interest
Person of interest! This show has been our jam for the last month and we still have a season left! Its SO good. Again we can't get away from these government conspiracy/cop/crime shows! If you need a new nexflix series, this will definitely fit the bill!

                                                        Image result for chaos mascara
Mascara! I love mascara, maybe a little too much! This was new at the Targ last week, so I decided to try it out! I love it, but it might not be for everyone. It definitely gives you crazy spider leg eye lashes, which I quite enjoy, it super thick, chunky and lasts all day, win/win!

Time with grandma! I had to save the best for last...these babies love their great grandma. She will drop anything and just sit down with them. They were enjoying watching Tom and Jerry or Mickey Mouse or some crazy kid show. As Callie has said many times, "There is just something magical about Great Grandma!"

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What I Wore Wednesday and another snow day!

That's right, I have worked in my district for 8 years and over those 8 years we have 3, count them, three tiny little snow days, this year alone we have had 3 additional snow days! It seems like every time there is any kind of snow storm we have off. Given the weather has been super weird this winter, I'd rather have me and my students safe than try to get across town!

So today is another jammies, coffee, movies, books kind of day! I have baked potatoes in the crock pot, the kiddos are playing in Kellen's tent and I have zero things to do!

So this week was warm clothes!

Sweater: Target
Necklace: Target
Jeans: Target
Heels: Target
Dress: Target
Tights: Nordstom's
Boots: Kohls
Tee: Target

Sweater: Amazon
Tee: Forever 21
Boots & belt: Target

Dress: Old Navy
Poncho: Gift from my work team
Boots: Target

Sweater: Thrifted
Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: Amazon