Sunday, October 22, 2017

Crafty Mummy

Yesterday we had a marathon Halloween fest at our house! It was super fun, I am not gonna lie, Fall break is good for the soul and good for the craftiness. We checked a bunch of things off from Pinterest!

First up, this mummy cuteness from an old cookie sheet. Here is the pinterest version...

You need need:
A cookie sheet (we used an old rickety one so now I can buy a new one!)
White paint
Gauze of white fabric cut into strips (we used an old pillow case, I couldn't find the first aid kit)
Google eyes
Hot glue gun
Old English furniture polish

First, paint the pan, we ran out of white spray paint so we used some left over white paint we found inn the garage.
Once it's dry then start gluing on the gauze. Be so super careful, Callie and I both sustained pretty serious burns from my new hot glue gun (thanks high heat glue gun). I am talking gross blistery burns that we had to sit with our hands in ice water all night kinds of burns, ouch!

We tried to make a criss crossy patterns and then glued the ends down on the back side of the pan.
Add your google eyes and a cute bow (because you know girl mummies had bows, right?)
Then use the Old English on a wet rag to "dirty" up the bandages. I am sure you could use brown stain or paint on ink pad too, but we were working with not much here!

So stinkin' cute! Well played, Callie!

We added some burlap (That's how I sustained my injuries) to the back to hang her on the front door!

Whilst we were working on our cute door mummy the kids were feasting on some mummy pizzas, which were equally adorable!
You need:
Mini pizza crusts (I went with good old store bought, but you could make the dough or use bagels, English muffins, what ever you have on hand)
pizza sauce
sliced olives
slices of mozzarella cheese sliced into strips

Sauce em'

Pepperoni em'

Cheese and olive em'

They were adorable!

But not so much after we cooked them! They were mummy, I mean yummy though!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Yummy Fajitas? Yes, Please!

I haven't done a recipe post in a spell, well actual real life dinner food, that was not a dessert. Mostly because we eat the same things over and over again. I am in a bit of a dinner rut these days!

Last week we had a hankerin' for some fajitas and this recipe was pretty much everything you want in a recipe, pretty to look at, easy to make, and yummy to eat!

You need:
1-2 lbs of chicken breast sliced into strips
3-4 bell peppers, I used red, orange and yellow ( we are not green pepper fans)
1 onion
1/3 cup of olive oil
2 tsp of each cumin, chili powder, garlic salt (I am certain you could throw some other spices in there, but we like these and we stick with what we know!)

Isn't it so lovely?!

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees
Slice up chicken, onions and peppers into strips.
Mix together the olive oil and spices.
Toss the spice/oil mixture over the veggies and chicken to coat them.
Pop into the oven for 30-45 minutes until chicken is cooked through and veggies are tender. I usually mix half way through just to recoat everything in sauce!
I tend to let mine cook a little longer so the peppers are nice and soft!

Ta-da! Yum yums!
Serve with what ever mexican-y things you want. We do tortillas, salsa, sour cream, guacamole refried beans and spanish rice. Ditch Taco Tuesday and get on with Fajita Friday!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

October, Mountains, Fall and All the Nonsense

Its been a interesting few days, I am not gonna lie! My Mister went out of town, we had another round of strep throat roll through the house, we did family pictures for the first time in 20 years, it went from summer to winter and we had a great mountain get away, whew, I need a fall break asap!

It's a good thing that it will be happening in just a few days. I have said it before and I will say it again, I HEART fall break. I love it more than spring break by far! I never need rest as much as I do after the first quarter of school. I don't know how this hasn't caught on everywhere. Seriously teachers who do not have fall break or just adults in general who do not have teaching jobs; How do you get through?!?

 We have been keeping busy with random shenanigans...No she is not going to be a taco for Halloween, but how hilarious is this costume?! Callie was all like, "How would you even hold a bag for your candy?!" Always thinking ahead, that one!
Family picture shenanigans. This was pretty much his face in every single picture. Yeah. Hopefully we were able to get a few good ones. More on that later!

Do you trade out your clothes for the seasons? I have always kept everything all mixed up together my whole life, because, I like options. But for the past few years we have been switching out summer and winter every October and March. It is stressful! I got a facebook thing, you know the one, "on this day" thing, and it was a post from 9 years ago that said, "I can't find our coats. This is stressing me out." I was dying! It was the first fall after Callie and I moved home and everything was still packed up in the my parents basement before our apartment was ready. Good old Colorado decided to be like 30 degrees one day and I spent  3 hours rifling through clothes just looking for something with sleeves to dress my 2 year old in! Oh life! 

So this weekend after our mountain weekend, I spent most of the day going through the boxes and boxes of winter things to get out our clothes for the SNOW STORM  on Monday. Usually I wait until fall break to bust all the jazz out, but this year just could not wait!

It was also a little depressing, I was looking at piles of clothes and thinking, "I hate everything I own right now!" Do you ever wish that you could just throw away all of your clothes and just start fresh? If only there was enough money and time to get a whole new wardrobe...
I digress, back to life...

So the mountains! We usually do a Wood family trip to Winter Park every year, but this year was busy and we were struggling to coordinate everyone's schedules. So it was just us, the kids and Brien's parents. It was such a lovely time. I love the mountains and if they were warmer, I would live there, but for me, they are a swell place to visit!

Thanks to Callie's Meme and Daddy Ty we were able to book a weekend and away at their condo!
The best time out ever...

The trees were just amazing! 

We played and hiked and relaxed. 

We ate at a super fancy restaurant, so unlike us!

We hit the outlets...

We saw foxes and moose!

It's pretty great what 48 hours away from real life can do for your soul!

On Sunday we came home, crazy searching for warm clothes and planning for my observation on Monday, it was back to real life!
Then this nonsense happened. GAH! Already, with the snow, Colorado. I was looking back and it has been exactly 6 months since the last snow. It's not enough time, I need more warm!

So that's been October, a little of this and a little of that! Hopefully fall break will be a brief reprieve from cold weather and more fun with the family! 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

How to Throw a Dinosaur Party

Did you know that there are no dinosaur decorations at the store? This was another homemade/dollar store party! I am not gonna lie, we have a lot going on right now and this was not my best effort! If I was a better mom, I would have gotten on Amazon or Etsy and found/made better stuff, but I am pretty sure the kiddos had fun!

The banner is straight up dolla tree and some letters from ellison press at school.
The leaves--we spent a nice night on Thursday cutting out of construction paper. I am not gonna lie, my Mister did most of the cutting. He's not just handy, he's crafty too, score! Here's the tutorial...

We had random dinos from the dollar store spread out all over the house! I had some leaves from the Easter box in the basement that worked well for some greenery. We had pretzels, Bugles and Doritos as dino bones, claws and spikes... Labels we printed off from here..

Some sweet treats were M&M's and doughnut holes, you know... Dino eggs

The cupcakes were just from the store and we stuck some baby dinosaurs in the middle, done!

We found a palm tree cutout for the wall... I mean, I don't really know if that's dinosaur-y and I totally thought it was one that sat in the table, but once I got it out of the package, it was for the wall, so Callie hung it up anyways!

These hats were a huge hit! Thanks Dollar Tree!

I have said it before and I will say it again! We have the best most amazing tribe of family and friends to love on our kiddos and I am so thankful that they make time to come our silly little parties!

We had a blast celebrating this sweet boy on a chilly fall day! I was a titch worried, because usually it is hotter than the blazes on Kellen's birthday, so they kids just entertain themselves outside and come in sporadically when they need a snack, but there was only a small window for playing before the rained rolled in, but they were pretty flexible and made their own fun in the house. There was some cute games, like pin the horn on the Triceratops

 (Thanks Callie!) and we had some buckets full of rice and those sweet tart Halloween skeleton bones, that the kids dug through being "Archaeologists", but I didn't get pictures of them, bummer!
If you are planning you own dinosaur party, good luck, plan early and hit up your old stand by's: the Dollar Store and Pinterest!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Kellen is 4!

Hurray for 4 year olds! This cutie guy turned 4 on Saturday and we had a pretty awesome time! Minus some melt downs at bed time about giving up his paci, he was a champ!
Kellen you are the funniest little thing I ever did know! Where to start...
You are my sweet guy! I love hearing all about how I am a "Flat Liner" and every day you ask me how my day at school was (What 4 year old does that?!?) I can't get enough of you asking for hugs and kisses at bed time, even though I am pretty sure you are just stalling! I am just going to soak up this time because I know that some day I will not be your number one girl, so for now, bring on all the hugs and kisses and snuggles any time of day!

You are fascinated with all of the unknown things, that normal kids just believe. God, Santa, the Easter bunny, Heaven, cavities etc. Sometimes your curiosity and questioning nature can be a pain, but I kind of secretly love that you don't just believe things blindly!

You are obsessed with guns and hunting. I can't wait until you are big enough to go with daddy and see what all the hype is about!

You are so super cool, with your awesome fashion sense and sunglasses. Most days you are content to just throw on what ever clothes I laid out the night before, but sometimes you have a rebellious streak and if the pants aren't cozy enough or your shirt doesn't have something cool on it, there is a wardrobe battle, especially at bed time! (again with the stalling, I am pretty sure)

You are SO silly! The things that you say and want to do crack me up! Like this picture, you said, "Mom, I am going to put my shirt like this, like I am reaching up to the clouds and then I want to run around and you take pictures." Huh?! And like right now, you are up in your room, with every animal and dinosaur you own dumped out on the floor and you are singing some song you made up and having an imaginary argument with goodness knows who!

You love SO hard! Especially your girl baby! You love your cousins, all of them, fiercely, and even though you two get into it sometimes, I think you love that sister of yours best of all!

You are SO adventurous! Anything that is covered in water or dirt or looks dangerous you are immediately interested! Especially swimming and water. You haaavvvee to  take a bath every single night come hell or high water. I think it's mostly to play with your toys and see what floats and probably more stalling, but you love water just like your big sis! 

You are all boy! Sometimes the things you openly and willingly admit baffle and disgust me. Like right after this picture you told me all about the sand in your butt crack. A few minutes ago, I had to go upstairs and look at your poop because it was so gross. At least once a day, I get have the honor of answering the beckon of, "Mom come get this booger off my finger." Bleccchh! Boys, right?

You love the outdoors and hiking and adventures. You were sure born into the right family! I have to drag you inside each day or night it is warm enough to be outside! You love nature and birds and plants and all that jazz and I love that you love it!

You LOVE dinosaurs with a passion that I never known. Seriously, you know all their names, what they eat, what eats them. I can't wait until you are big enough to go the Jurassic Park thing at Universal. I think you might just die! You also love animals. All kinds really. You have every animal known to man kind upstairs in a box in your room and you are obsessed. That is all.

You get yourself into sticky situations, like the night you got a stamp as a party favor and you had some time in the dark by yourself in the back seat. Yup, these bad boys lasted like 2 weeks.

Kellen, I am so glad you are ours and I can't even imagine our family without you. I can't wait to see what year four holds for you and us! I love you bug!