Friday, December 29, 2017

December to Remember

What a month it has been! I don't know how we made it but somehow we have and now it's almost over... Sad times! December, minus the frigid weather, which in reality was unseasonably warm, is one of my favorite months! 

School went right up until the last minute, which was SO stressful. I told anyone who would listen how rough it was keeping 7 year olds' busy until literally 3 days before Christmas! In the meantime I totally neglected my own families' Christmas shopping, it was pretty much an underwear and socks kind of Christmas until my fella swooped in on his day off and saved the day, while I was at school working on report cards! (which PS I just finished about 5 minutes ago. Only a week late.) Well, him and Amazon! Next year I am doing ALL of my shopping online. In October.

Besides ordering presents and teaching my heiney off all month we did other fun stuff too!
The first weekend in December we went to our future small town, country Christmas. It was delightful and fun! The first weekend of Christmas season, little ol' Strasburg, does a festival with Santa at the bank, real life reindeer, hot cocoa on every corner, bonfires, cookies, nacho, hot dogs, firetrucks and all the fun stuff. All of the little shops open at night and have fun things for the kids to do. It was a blast! 

It was a super fun night! I can't wait to go back next year when we are real legit country people! 

The next weekend Callie and I headed to Colorado Springs with my sister in law, mother in Law and brother in law's girlfriend for the Vintage Christmas Craft fair. It was worth the drive! I got my shopping started, and got a ton of ideas for crafty things for next year! If my real life job afforded me some more down time, I think I could make a pretty good go of selling fun things I make... Maybe some day!
I mean lets be real...
Literally a cone wrapped in sequins with lights inside--$80

Scraps of fabric and twine...$35

2x4's with a triangle cut into the top $5 each... 
I could be a millionaire. Well at least a thousandaire...

Callie was digging the fudge, candy and this sweet lady playing the harp...

After we shopped til we dropped we headed to Maggianos on the way home for a fancy cocktail and appetizers. I love these ladies. It was a super fun day!

Even though we didn't squeeze in our regular traditions of  Zoo lights and ice skating (yet) we have had a fun month of Christmas-y things! Happy almost New Year!

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