Thursday, November 30, 2017

Birthday Weekend/Month

It still technically November for just a few more hours and thus the conclusion to birthday month! It's funny how as our family grows the amount of birthdays and events just gets bigger and bigger. I mean we have been in throws of birthday season since August and still have a bunch more coming. But November is by far the busiest (at least in my mom brain) We have Callie, then Brien and then Thanksgiving and then our nephew's and by then it's practically a new year. I guess that's just how we roll in this big fun family!

Callie has been asking me when I was going to post about her birthday and all the fun things we did, and I don't think she will be satisfied until she sees it! I am sorry kid, life is busy right now!
So here goes...

The festivities started on Friday night at Spider Monkey...It's one of those crazy ninja warrior trampoline places. It was pretty fun!

They actually have really cool things and if I wasn't a super sophisticated grown up, I would have been right there playing with them (Who I am kidding, there is very little sophistication here, it's crazy expensive! Like 20 bucks an hour?? To jump around? No thanks, Tom Hanks, I have a trampoline in my back yard that I can jump on for free)

After all that crazy, we had 5 girls spend the night. It was not my cup of tea. I can't wait to have a basement that they can sleep in and I can just close the door, instead of having to listen to 6, eleven-year olds talk about instagram and play twister until 3 am. 

The next morning after NO sleep, we got the house ready for party number 2. I am loving these big girl birthdays. Gone are the days of turning my house into a princess palace. Nope. She just asked for Brien to smoke ribs and grandma Sue to make a cake and have everyone over for supper. That's more my speed!

It was fabulous and once again and we are so grateful and blessed to have our families nearby and always willing to come to our birthday bashes!

After the weekend wound down we had one more birthday surprise! Aunt Phanneth got her tickets to see one of her favorite singers, Britt Nicole, in concert the following Tuesday! 
I am not gonna lie, going downtown stresses me out these days! I remember always wanting to go to the city when I was a teenager, heck even when Brien and I were dating. In my 20's: Wanna go downtown? Me: Yes! Let's go right now! In my 30's: Wanna go downtown? Me: Ummmm...I have to stay in, cause there's people and traffic.

The concert was at the Belco Theater in the Convention Center, so we braved the snow and rush hour traffic and made it to perilous Denver. At work that day my girls at school helped me find a parking garage nearby that wasn't too expensive. I have this irrational fear of parking in outdoor lots and getting towed or lost or mugged and since I was going to be downtown with 2 young children it felt safer to be in the parking garage of a fancy hotel close to the theater!

 We met up with Callie's concert appreciating cousin, Aiden, and we found the theater with a little help from some friendly people and we were safe inside!

We got to be VIP'S and made it through the line quickly and got to the meet and greet, got out concert swag and spent a million dollars on snacks! But it was worth it!
It was the positive hits tour and Denver was one of their last stops. They had all of our favorite christian singers and it really is so positive and encouraging that their music is so popular. The musicians performing said that Denver by far had their biggest and best venue and turn out. It was pretty cool to look around and see families and churches in the middle of our crazy city in the middle of the week, in the middle of the night, worshiping God!

Our seats were ridiculously close and all of the musicians put on an amazing performance! Even with all of the shenanigans with getting there and it being downtown it was totally worth it and both kids had a blast staying up past bed time and listening to awesome music! Callie said "It's like being at church, but with really cool music." Well said, little girl!

After the show, we had more adventures...Of course, couldn't just get off that easily. We found our way back to the car, no mugging, towing or getting lost. But we sure got robbed by the parking garage. $38 to park for 4 hours. Yup that was 7 bucks an hour, not for the night. But hey, we were safe and dry, so there's that. Then onto the high way we went to meet up with uncle Joel to drop off Aiden.

About 5 minutes into the drive, I got behind one of those super awesome trucks that sprays the road with mag-chloride to keep it from freezing when it snows and it blew the spray all over my windshield. When I tried to use the wipers to spray off the smeary mess, I realized I was completely out of washer fluid. Dry as a bone. Dun, dun, dun! I couldn't see a thing, so we had to pull over at super shady gas station in a super sketchy neighborhood and put in the fluid. Thank goodness I had my big strong 9 year old nephew with me to help! 

Back on the road and then home safe, right? Nope, we happened to get behind some crazy driver that tried to crash into us like 3 times and then proceed to swerve in and out of traffic, run into cones and barriers and almost hit a bunch of other cars. So I did what any responsible driver would do. I had my 11 year call 911 to report them. Thankfully the 911 operator was really helpful and kind and the kids told her the make, model and plate number of said crazy driver. I hope they got them, that was scary!

We managed to get Aiden dropped off and back home without further incidents, praise the Lord!
It was a night to remember, that's for sure, never a dull moment!

The next weekend was Brien's birthday, so I tried to plan a night out with dinner and fun things.

I sure do love this fella!

 We had a great date night and I had my first Uber trip. That was interesting...I think this year I want to resolve to do more date nights, sometimes when we are sitting on couch watching Cops, I forget how much fun we have when we get out and about and spent time focusing on each other! Cheers to 35 Mister, I hope it's a great year!

So that was birthday week/month. It's always an adventure when we are involved! Until next November...birthday party on and stay safe downtown!

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