Thursday, April 13, 2017

Take a little Trip

I was looking back the last week at some of my blog posts from when I first started. While they are not amazing, at least I was consistent. How on EARTH  did I find time to post so much?!? I have more time on my hands now and my day still seems filled to the brim with school and life and children. Yet, back then my kids were smaller and required more attention and my job was far more stressful and time consuming. Which lead to me the embarrassing conclusion that I am pretty much a slacker. I hearby promise to do better!

So lets get all kinds of caught up! Take a trip back in time with me... To a month called March....

So we took a field trip the farm with the second grade. 9 Mile Historic park is a strange little place right in the middle of the city... We had a blast! We played, fed chickens, had 1800's school, made some corn bread and then returned to life in the 2010's!

We did up St. Patrick's Day...
 On which these little nuggets got a visit from their favorite leprechaun!
Brien and I got a super awesome surprise date night! We checked eating sushi off the  bucket list! I have never been brave enough to eat raw fish, but when it's full of salmon and cream cheese and avocado and slathered in sauces, it was quite delicious!

This little cowgirl ROCKED the whole school with her amazing vocals at the talent show! She really was awesome. I thought I just had "mom" ears, thinking my princess could sing. But, afterwards so many sweet people said, "I had no a idea she could sing like that!" Even with sound issues, she smiled and sang her heart out! After the performance, we had to visit urgent care to take of an ear infection, so that was an interesting way to kick off spring break!

We spring breaked... It was rather uneventful and I was totally okay with that! The weather was kind of eh, so we fixed much needed things around the house and yard. We decorated for Easter!

We had late night, in the pouring rain ice cream trips!

And sadly, the most exciting thing we did, was a trip to Colorado's famous Casa Bonita. Or basa comita, as Kellen calls it! This place was a favorite for Callie when she was about three, so we decided hat Kellen needed to experience all the greatness that is Casa Bonita!
If you have not had the pleasure of eating at this fine establishment I suggest that you do. Let me preface that by saying, the food is awful. Truly terrible. But you pay for the atmosphere. 
I tried so hard to get a good picture....
The inside of Basa Comita is a huge waterfall/caves/Spanish villa/ tropical paradise. You really need to go and see to get the full picture! 
They do shows every 15 minutes to distract  entertain you while you dine on Mexican TV dinners!

Afterwards you play in an arcade full of broken games and explore spooky caves full of pirates and spiders. It is sensory overload. But the kids loved it and it was a fun little trip on a cold spring day!

Let's see. The rest of spring break was spent getting ready for my sweet sister in law's baby shower. The sad thing is that I got only got one,  one picture! Annnddd this was it....

I am pretty sure Callie took it with my phone, because she set up the hair bow table and wanted to show off how pretty it was. Hmmm, I am hoping my mom got some good ones on her camera!

So that's it for our little trip through March! April has been just as much of a  whirlwind! We are about to take off for the Colorado Culture Fest at school tonight so Callie can present what she has been working on! Time is running short on the end of school and Easter (My favorite!) is just a few days away. So there we have it, a month jammed into one quick post and a promise to do better! Until next time....

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