Monday, December 12, 2016

The Big Reveal!

My little brother (I like to use the term little loosely) and his precious wife are having a bebe!! I am I am SO excited to be an aunt on my family's side! Plus, Callie and Kellen are super jazzed to have a cousin to play with when we have Wathen get togethers! Hurray for babies!

There is a phenomena called a "gender reveal" party sweeping the nation and we are all for partying for any reason big or small around here. So my sister in law's sister and I put together a reveal party so we could find out what this nugget was going to be! P.S Where were reveal parties when I was knocked up??

I am not gonna lie, Becca, my sister in law's sister did most of the heavy lifting, but it was sweet to be included in planning this bash and everything was stinkin' cute!
Let's be real...How adorable are they?? And how adorable is this sign? Love!
I am pretty sure we used every pinterest idea known to mankind for the party and it was super awesome!

Team Blue, all the way!
?? Whose team?? What was this kid going to be??

Tee hee! A little play on words....
The XY chromosomes came out perfect! All you do is make hard boiled eggs, like regular (a skill I still have not mastered) Then peel the eggs and remove the yolks. Next soak the whites in 1 teaspoon of food coloring, 1 teaspoon of vinegar (like Easter eggs) and I cup of water, and let the white soak for a few minutes until they are bright and colorful. Then make up the eggs yolks with mustard and mayo. You couldn't taste the vinegar at all and they were so pretty and delish!

Brien and Callie put these little treats together!
Becca made this awesome cake...So funny and SO true!
For the actual reveal, it was the quite the elaborate set up! It was very well thought out and rehearsed 
(we had to do a test run the night before to make sure that the plan would work and I am so glad that we did!) The basic just was that, we would fill balloons with paint the color of the baby's gender. Then my brother would shoot the balloons with a BB gun and everyone would know! After some trial and error we figured everything out and....
This guy wanted a boy cousin to romp around with real bad, but....

Wouldn't you know it?? A sweet little baby girl!!

I didn't get any befores on my phone, but again, with cute signage! Nailed it, Becca! (P.S again...Do you see the canvas in the middle? This was a grand attempt, by Jenn at making a cute little splatter painting, as a memento, but the paint went everywhere BUT on the canvas. Well, we tried!)
Congrats, Bo and Jenn!! We are crazy excited for you!! Welcome to parenthood!

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