Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday Favorites

Wow! Thank goodness it is Friday! Hurray! We made it to the weekend! It's been a spell since I have done a Friday Favorites and I decided, "Well it's time!" people need some favorites...Here goes!

Make up...
Spider Mascara. Finally! A make up company heard my plea for ridiculous, clumpy eye lashes!
I though this might just be a promo for Halloween, but no, friends. It is still in the store and I love it SO much! You see, I have no eyelashes and I have to compensate by wearing 3-4 different kinds a day to make it look as though I have some. Well, now I am down to just 2. Winning.

Whoa, Walmart did it again! I needed some new earrings and I was already there, so I took a peek at their jewelry selection and found a boatload of super cute and really cheap earring! I mean $3?!? You just can't beat that. I have worn them a few times and they have not broken, which is more than I can say for some other stores more expensive stuff. So $3 Walmart earrings it is!

Arguably the best and most funny game around, Taboo has done it again! For our annual wine night, Taboo did not disappoint! I am pretty sure every single one of us was in tears at some point during the evening playing this super fun game. It's an oldie, but certainly a goodie!

Not a book club read, but such a great book! I literally finished this in like 3 days, it's so good! I have been super into historical fiction these days and this one is set in the 1800's at one crazy dysfunctional family's apple orchard. They parents are a mess and end up killing each other (literally) and the left over orphaned children they leave behind are just as bad, except for one that gets away and moves west. Several decades later, a long, lost sister makes her way west as well and the family fun and dysfunction continues in California! Great read, check it out!


We have been reality TV junkies this fall! Brien and I have been binge watching Gold Rush Alaska and Naked and Afraid. I know right?!? But when it comes to Alaskan Wilderness and business and surviving without materials, Brien and I, I am  pretty certain, are in fact, experts. We had the funniest conversation the other night about how we are constantly trying to give the people on TV advice, like they can hear us! I mean come on, we have watched like 5 seasons of each show, I am pretty sure I can mine gold and survive in the wild better than these folks!

So that's all for this week's favorites! Try some out, you will not be disappointed! Happy weekend Y'all!

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