Saturday, May 20, 2017

Almost Summer Days...

4 more days, 4 more days 4 more days...Can you tell we are counting down! This week has been a wild one, we went from 80 degree to 30 degrees and snow and this time of years brings back all kinds of feels for me and I am not sure why!?!

Just last year, I was anxiously interviewing and  a-waiting to find out what I would be doing for a job this year.

2 years ago we were having the strangest of end of the years...Tornadoes and hail storms and cancelled field days...

5 years ago we were celebrating this nugget graduating pre-school...
Be still my heart...How did she get so big?!

Aaaannndd 7 years ago we had just bought a house and were praying that all of the "May" showers didn't flood our home before we closed in June!

Uggg! What a wreck it was!

So. Yes, this week has had all the feels from the past few years!

Last week Kellen and I had off since his baby sitter was closed for day and it had me pining away for summer! We ran errands, did crafts, played outside, read books. It was such a tease of a day, nearly impossible to go to the work the next day, kind of day! I cannot wait for this summer, we already have big plans, let me tell you! Jam packed schedule. Callie has already filled her notebook pages with crafts and recipes and field trips for us to do, so I am super jazzed!
Perfect, blissful evenings spent in my back yard while the kids play forever, bring it on!

Back to our day off! Kellen and I dropped Callie off at school and rushed to the hospital because my little bro and his sweet wife had their baby! That's right! We have a niece and I am not gonna lie, little miss Cara Mae is something else! She has had a rough few first days, but she is home now and is just about the sweetest little thing you ever did see! 

Callie and Kellen are in love and SO am I! I am quite serious when I say to my sister in law, that I will sit on her couch and hold her baby and eat jelly beans, while her and my brother take naps/showers. I am hoping she takes me up on it, cause I can have Callie work baby holding days into our schedule!

 So, summer, just hang tight, we will be there in just 4 short days!

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