Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Summer Bucket List

This summer is off to a bit of a slow start, it has been rainy and kind of depressing, but alas today it was a sunny and beautiful! Hurray! Callie and Brien spent the weekend up fishing and it was just me and little guy for the weekend of rain.

 Do not fear, we had lots of fun playing trucks and trains and we even squeezed in a thrifting trip. Kellen was not a fan, for the record.  He kept saying, "This store is weird mom." I found some fun things, more about that later!

So today I finally finished cleaning out my classroom and getting all my affairs in order for summer and we spent the rest of the day shopping for plants and working on our garden and landscaping. I have to say, I am slightly disappointed in how little my dollar stretches when it comes to plants and flowers. I kind of wish we had done a little at a time over the 7 years we have been in our house. But instead we have spent most of our years taking out hideous plants and awful things that I hate, that I have not had time to put in what I really wanted. But now we have a game plan that I am excited about!

This summer we have, yet again, a mighty fine list of fun things to do! I am hoping they include lots of camping and time outdoors with the familia. We already have 3 camping trips planned and a real trip to western half of our state to see Mesa Verde, the four corners and the Royal Gorge! Thanks 4th grade Colorado History for inspiring these trips!
                                      Image result for mesa verde cliff dwelling
                                      Image result for royal gorge
Yes please! Sometimes I forget what  pretty place we live in! Hopefully by the end of the summer, I will have my own amazing pictures to post!

Tomorrow we leave bright and early for our first trip of the summer to Canton, Texas. They have the MOST amazing and the biggest market ever once a month and I keep promising to take my mother in law. So that will be commencing this weekend! I can't wait to see what treasures we come home with! More about that next week!

Besides our travel, Callie has a notebook filled with ideas for each day of the week, and I excited to try all of them! Stay tuned for more summer fun!

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