Monday, May 8, 2017


Last week, I checked another bucket list item off the list. Callie and I actually went to a yoga class, yes us. The 2 single most uncoordinated girls in the universe got schooled in all things yoga.

I have this amazing teammate that goes to these pop up yoga classes that happen all over Denver. They are put on by a non profit group and they host classes throughout the month at different places. I guess she loved it so much she became certified to be an instructor. She invites Callie and I every week to join her and we always have some sort of activity that falls on Tuesdays, but last week we were free as birds to go!

Let me preface this by saying, I have NEVER done yoga, in real life. I had a dvd from college that Brien and I tried one night when we were bored, but I think we got like, 10 minutes in and then quit, so goes my experience with the practice.

But this time we were all in and y'all it was a game changer!

We braved the big city traffic to the museum of nature and science and we did it! The instructor was amazing! He was all about, go at your own pace, do your own thing, if you just want to just lay on the mat and listen to music, go for it! You get noise cancelling headphones, they dim the lights and everyone is closing their eyes, so if you look a hot mess, no one even cares. Now I was on board!

There were moms and dads and kids, all kinds of people with all kinds of abilities, so any self consciousness kind of goes out the window. 
The teacher went a little fast with his "right arm up, left arm back, left leg bent, right leg straight" and didn't quite have time to get the right limbs where they should be, cause I am 33 and I still struggle with left and rights, but other than that Callie and I kept pace!

The class, which only lasts about an hour, zoomed by so fast! And afterwards, don't even get me started...I was energized and relaxed and peaceful at the same time, I can't even explain it. But you know what I explain, how good I slept that night! Like a baby, holy moly! 

 Our maiden voyage into yoga was pretty amazing! You have converted these 2 ladies and we will definitely be going back this week! 

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