Friday, May 26, 2017

Hallelujah, we made it!

That's right we are done! Well not quite all of the way done. I still have 4 million grades to enter and my classroom is a hot mess express, and I am sure that I will be back next week to finish cleaning and getting things packed up for summer. I am just super jazzed that I don't have to move classrooms! After 8 moves in 9 years, I think I have earned it!

This year has been all kinds of ups and downs and stress, that I didn't even think about, but we made it! While this wasn't my best year as far as knowing what I am doing and being an organized rock star it was by far, my best year as a teacher!

Yay for the last day!

The last day of school flew by having so much fun and tricking kids into doing work quietly so I could finish testing and work on report cards!
We made the cutest little "reach for the stars" and my students wrote each other encouraging notes!

We ended the day signing beach balls and eating popsicles! Thanks pinterest!
Then they all gave me a hug and off they went! It was a little anti-climatic...
Then, today, I had a few parents stop by during our work day and drop off cards and sweet words of thank you for working with their kiddos. That's when it hit me! As a middle school teacher, I know our families appreciated the work that we did, but we just didn't have as much contact with them. So this has probably been my most favorite part of being an elementary teacher, is getting to know kids AND their families!
So now we are done (well almost, I still have that pesky classroom to clean up) and this chick is ready for summer and 5th grade! 

I am SO looking forward to getting me and my house back in order and spending the weekend with my little fella, while Callie and Brien are up fishing in the mountains. 
Hallelujah for summer and making it through!

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