Tuesday, August 29, 2017

29 and feelin' fine!

I am a little late (like a week) in posting this, but birthdays are seriously too much fun not to talk about! When I was little there was something so magical about having a birthday! Not that they aren't magical now, minus the getting old part, they are still my favorite! I'd like to credit my birthday love to my parents, they always made a big deal out of birthdays when we were kids (like get out of bed at dawn to give you roller blades on your 13th birthday, because they were so excited to give them to you. Or when you invited like 10 kids to your 7th birthday, without asking and them just going with it when a bunch of people showed up.) Thanks, mom and dad.

Even as a grown woman of 29, I had a great birthday this year. I don't know why 29 sticks in my head. I really don't mind being in my 30's. 29 was just a great year and for some reason it sticks in my head. It's the year we actually had our act together with being adults, our house was coming together, Callie survived to age 7, I was pregnant with Kellen. 29 was a banner year for me and family, I just feel like I am forever 29. Maybe it's my mental age or something....

My birthday turned into more of a weekend of celebrating which was okay with me!
This precious girl threw me a little bedroom party on Saturday!

She made me a sugar scrub (recipe to follow)

She even decorated (the little balloon say " I love you mom".) So sweet!
A lego tribute! It's upside down for some reason, but it says, "Happy B-day"

There were even tasty snacks to dine on while she gave me a pedi and we listened to music. It was a fabulous way to start the festivities!
On Sunday my sweet family came over for a BBQ and it was SO fun! I love my people!

Let's face it, a Sunday dinner/birthday, just isn't the same without your favorite people there!

My sweet children know their mama pretty well!
My parents also got my some new tools to finish my chairs for the kitchen--maybe someday, I will have some time to finally finish them!
After birthday dinner wound down, Callie and I tried the new charcoal mask that aunt Jenn got me. It was magical, more about that later too!

On Monday it was Eclipse day! I mean what a special way to spend my birthday, eclipsin'
One of my colleagues family member donated glasses and my whole class was able to come out and watch it safely! Everything was SO strange outside, it was quite the event!

This last year has been a great one and I can't wait to see what God has in store for my 34th year on Earth. As always, thank you mom for deciding to be a mom and give birth to me! I love you!

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