Sunday, August 20, 2017

Doing Denver up!

I am a bad blogger...I have not been keeping up even a little bit. Life has been a little crazy since school started and I have been trying to keep up with school and my family and updating has taken a bit of a backseat!

This summer flew by, but we made the most of it! I will cherish these summers with my babies having fun and getting out and about and we sure did that. We did not do near as many crafty things or cooking things (Lord was it hot!) but we did field trips right!

We did the quadrafecta of fun things in our fair city...I give you field trip number one....

#1. The aquarium... It was kind of a rainy cool day that turned into a glorious sunny day! My first piece of advice is don't get that fancy schmancy package that costs like $40 a person. We did the good old $17 bucks a person tour and it was just as fun!

This was pretty much his face the entire time! He loved the aquarium!

There was some pretty durpy looking fish there!

A little bit terrified of the sharks would get us, but it was it was a pretty good day for seeing all of the fun underwater creatures!

We had front row seats to the mermaid show! And Kellen fell in love with this fine merperson right here!

We even got to pet the sting rays...
All with the cheap tickets! The kiddos had a blast and Kellen has been asking to see his "Girl friend, the mermaid." All summer since we went.

After the aquarium we weren't quite ready to go home and it was such a lovely day, so we decided to wander to the playground nearby and we ended up going on a trolley ride. It was pretty cool and I was proud of my nuggets for being so flexible and trying something new!
 It was also super fun, so there's that...

On to field trip number two...

#2. The Children's Museum....
Not really my cup of tea, but the kids looovvee it and I get to people watch! They really do have super cool things for the kids to do!
Its crazy busy in the early mornings when it open and the parking lot is tricky. And never, I repeat NEVER go on a Friday. Every day care in our square state comes here on Friday. So we went on a Tuesday and we always go a little late, like around noon, when the early crowd is eating lunch or leaving. We also try to park near the aquarium since they share a parking lot. We don't mind walking and once you are in the kids museum parking lot, you get trapped! I would also recommend bringing a bath suit or at least some clothes to change into because they have an outside splash park and my kids were soaked when we got in the car #momfail.

Rock climbing, check!

Millions of balls, check!

Giant bubbles, check!

Adorable game of playing grocery store, check!

Painting a huge buffalo sculpture, check!
PS how cute is that light fixture? It's from Ikea and I want one!

Giant light bright wall, check!

Indoor water park, check! Kellen was seriously bent out of shape that big kids were taking all of the fish and he made sure to loudly tell everyone how they were not sharing.

The zip line, check! 
So if have not been check it our, it's great. They were exhausted and  I was happy!
On to trip number three...

#3. The Museum of Nature and Science...

Callie and I go here every week for yoga, but Kellen hadn't been in a spell and he is OB-sessed with dinosaurs, so it was a perfect day!
We went on a pretty nice day, we figured most people would go to the zoo and we were right. It was a pretty quiet day, jackpot! 

The museum is not for kids, but they have made it super interactive and cool for families and we love it!

The gemstone cave. Kellen was not impressed, but Callie and I love looking at all those pretty jewels and stones!

What we came for! We had to go through the dinos twice, because he didn't want to miss anything!

Flapping like a bird. She said it was really hard!

Such a great view!

We had to take a picture of the elk for daddy!

This is perhaps my favorite picture of the summer. This sums up each of their personalities so well. They have a real science lab with real equipment and you can use them all by yourself. Callie was so excited and Kellen was just there, assisting!
So that was the museum, it was a blast and a great way to spend the day!

On to number four...
#4 The Zoo (last one I promise)
This was all Kellen's idea and our last trip of the summer. Callie had already left for Texas and it was our last day before I had to go back to school. I had so much fun with my big boy!
So the zoo can be pretty crazy too... Don't go when they open, don't go on Friday, you get it... We got there about 11:30 and it was perfect. It was also supposed to rain, but didn't so it was cool and lovely and not crowded!
Oh yeah, there was dinosaurs there too. Someone was in heaven!

Right before the elephant show, old groucho came out and pooped for everyone. Kellen was laughing so hard he was crying. It was hilarious!

Pretending to be a leopard?

He hated the carousel! He practically pushed me out of the way to ride this tiger and then when we started it went up and down and he freaked out, so had to trade animals!

We got to see lions eating super duper up close. I am not gonna lie, it was awesome.

On the way out, some nice stranger offered to take our picture!
It was a fun day at the zoo with my favorite animal lover. I think we saw everything, literally, that there was to see! 

So that was our cool fun field trips this summer. Nothing crazy, but I am so thankful that we live in a cool state with fun stuff to do with my loves! 

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