Monday, July 24, 2017

Make something Monday: All the random Projects

This summer for make something Mondays we have not really made anything much, mostly just fixed up things that we already had! There really has not been any rhyme or reason to the fixing either, just getting caught up on much needed projects!

I finally  painted the front door! I bought paint for this sad grey door like 4 years ago and it has been just sitting in the basement. When we were at Canton I decided that we needed a red front door for some reason. My mom in law told me that you are supposed to paint your front door red when have paid it off. Well, that has NOT happened, but it sure looks cute!

I prepped the door and wiped it down and started slapping on that 4 year old paint. Kellen lost his mind and was hysterically crying because he thought I was painting all of the doors red and he wanted his to stay white. It turned out that, oh, so fun red paint was not so fun or so red, it was more like a pinky weird raspberry color. Which could have been pretty, but I was not down with seeing it through. So to Lowes we went to choose a new color. We finally decided on Valspar Heirloom red in an exterior semi gloss. Usually I am satin kind of girl, but I figured with it being exposed to the sun and such that I should probably use the good stuff.

Back at home, I painted and painted and then painted 2 more times. 4 coats. Whew! I always think that I love red and then I forget how hard it is to get good coverage. But now it's done and I have a super snazzy red door!

The week after that I attempted to refinish the little bench/shelf that is right below the window in the living room.

It was in wretched shape from my precious pup clawing it to get the squirrels in the front yard and standing in front of it to drool on and from Kellen taking a real hammer to it when he was little. It has taken a beating the last 5 years.

I wish I had taken a before picture, but no such luck. I had big plans to sand it down, repaint it and put a coat of poly on. I sanded my arms off that afternoon and I loved how it looked all sanded down.

 After consulting my interior designer/mother in law. She raised an interesting point, that if I buffed out the scratches and repainted and then sealed it up, it was highly likely that I would be refinishing it all over again in the event that Jake should attack it. So unfinished and shabby it was! I love how it came out and all the scratches and non sense just look like they are supposed to be there.
Ahh, so much better!

And it has so much polyurethane on it that anything can just be wiped off!
That's it for completed projects for now. I am currently working on my chairs for the kitchen and I am not gonna lie, it is an absolute nightmare. Who new all that detail work would be the hardest thing to get that red paint off. I am maybe a little bit regretting not just getting new already finished chairs that we can just use already! Hopefully I will have them finished by the time school is back in, check back on that one!

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