Saturday, April 16, 2016

Life lately...

My schedule has gotten the best of me the last few weeks! I have been totally whipped with school. I super dislike that this happened, but it seems unavoidable at the end of the school year!
Last week we had testing for my students and my own little 3rd grader. Stressful does not begin to cover it! The first day of testing Callie was SO excited to rock that PARCC test and by the last day she was in tears and not wanting to go to school because she was just done with it! 

It's weird to be on this side of the assessment, I have a totally new perspective on standardized testing, as in this teacher's kid may might not be participating next year! 

I have been doing interviews for student teachers, potential new teachers for next year and been to more meeting than I can count.

We are also finishing out the school year with Literature circles, reading The Outsiders, and point of view writing. All super fun, engaging activities, but they are so much work to plan and teach, that I am exhausted! I have been coming home from school and planning from 4:45 until like 6:45 with a short break to eat. Thankfully my darling husband is a pretty good cook! Then bath, jammies, and stories until 8.

At night all I wanna do is watch our shows... I think this sums it up perfectly...

I totally have the mom guilt in the worst way. I miss my family and doing fun things. I am over this. Only 30 school days left and I am literally crossing them off the calendar! 

Today we are snowed, that's right snowed  in again. In, April. So playing, movies and another round of Harry Potter and butterbeer, it is! And I don't even care about school.

What is up with the weather?!? Yesterday, we actually had flowers. For the first time we our flowers were not bunny food!
and today was all like....

Blecchhh, whatever.
Next week will be better!

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