Saturday, April 30, 2016

Funny stuff

I live with a funny group of individuals. They make me laugh on a daily basis and think the world would be a better place if people laughed more.
This boy was wearing "ear muffs," as he called them. to help Brien mow the back yard. Even though the mowing was over, he decided they were a great accessory for the rest of the day.

Because sometimes you just need to sit in your car and watch Hotel Transylvania. Drive in maybe??

I managed to secretly capture Brien wearing Kellen's puppy mask, he would kill me if he knew I posted this! But Kellen was sure enjoying his puppy daddy!

I walked into my bedroom the other day just in time to get this little gem. What she was doing, the world may never know. I am gonna go with practicing gymnastics...
Sent to me by one of my sweet friends at school. I wrote something accidentally in cursive the other day on the board and there were only 2, that's right 2 that could read it. The world is doomed!
So, that's a glimpse into my funny family. I love it!

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