Sunday, September 11, 2016

Adventures with April

Last weekend my best friend of 20 years came to visit and it was just magical! I have missed that girl SO much. It had been almost 3 years since we had seen each other last and that was just far too long for my liking. But it's hard when have real jobs and husbands and kids!

I love that we can go weeks without talking and years without seeing each other and it's like nothing has changed since high school, we just pick up where we left off. That's real friendship people!

We had a great time hanging out with my family and the kiddos and just being together. Nothing huge or fancy just time with each other and it was just what we both needed.

Her flight got in on Friday and my mom was able to pick her up at the airport. I could hardly contain myself at school those last few hours just knowing that she was a mile away and I had to be at work!

Friday night we grilled up some steaks the kids attacked the trampoline and we got all caught up with each other.

Play time with aunt April, thank goodness she is boy mama and can down with some race car tracks!
On Saturday it was just lovely weather, almost fallish! We hit up the park, did some shopping and then went to our nephews super hero birthday party. The party was a blast and Brien's family especially my sister in law, as always, makes everyone feel like they are family too!

These two boys and their muscles...We were dying...

There were SO many kids! We are becoming out numbered by our offspring!

On Sunday we did church, lunch with friends and then headed home for my mom's birthday party. It was birthday weekend, that's for sure!
My house was SO crowded. I mean when you add three more people to any situation it gets busy and when 2 of those 3 people are under the age of 4. It was loud! Also it was a little inconvenient to travel anywhere because of all of the car seats,we had to take 2 cars everywhere. We made it work, but it made me think maybe I should have gotten a bigger car!
And random sidebar...My cakes came out perfectly this year, no burning or collapsing! Hurray!

On Sunday we braved the zoo with 4 children and it was amazing. The weather was perfect all the animals were out. I would say it was one of my favorite trips to the zoo ever!
Kellen loved all the animals, no one complained the entire time. It was pretty much a dream trip!
When it got too hot we packed it up and headed home for supper and one last night of fun...

The big cats wanted a snack for reals!

A zoo tradition every single time!

My pretty bestie!

April and her sweet Noah!

After the zoo trip we were exhausted and so were the kids, we spent the evening in eating left overs and making smores and having the funnest conversations. She went home with her 2 crazies on Tuesday morning and I was already missing her by the time I got home from school.
 I MISS my best friend! It is so hard to be away from her and I hate that our kids will not grow up right next to each other like we planned. But I love that they all get along so well and play like cousins. Until next time Sister, I love you!

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