Sunday, September 25, 2016

Kellen is 3!

What a year it has been! Kellen you are such a funny little thing. I had no idea what to do with a boy baby and now I can't imagine not being a boy mom too. You make life so much fun and I love how curious you are about everything. You are a watcher and a listener always seeing what people do and how things work. You might be the most observant kid I have ever met.
 You are constantly "Fixing" something...

You loooovvvveeee to "help".

You love tools and working with daddy, you love singing and you have been saying the most precious prayers in the last few weeks.

You say the funniest things and we have had the best conversations.. Some of my favorites have been, "My muscles are too tired to clean", "We love each other so much", "I have to sleep in your bed, cause there is pee in mine" and my personal favorite, "I love eating babies."

You have such imagination and love to play pretend, sometimes I wonder, if you can really see the things you talk about, like bears, deer and pirate ships.

You are all boy and love anything messy, dirty or sticky. I am pretty sure candy and pizza are your favorite foods, along with go-gurt and milk. I am pretty sure there are worse things to love.

The other day you smashed blue berries all up in the couch cushions to try to make a blueberry smoothie.

You love paint and play dough and mud.

You love books and trucks and all things boy.

You  love your sister fiercely!

We are still working on potty training and getting rid of the pacifier. You finally got your big boy bed and it's going pretty well.

You might be the most particular child I have ever met. You want a say in everything and are probably ten times more stubborn than I could have imagined. Everything has to be just so, the right color on your stars, the right song on your elephant player. The just right shirt everyday, the right pair of shoes. I don't know how we made it before you could talk! You are quite the opinionated child about all things concerning you!

For a three year old boy, you sure still love to snuggle and cuddle. I think I will soak it up while I still can! My mother in law said one time that every time she rocked her babies or grandbabies, she would think about how this could be the last time. Now that thought comes creeping in my head every night at bed time when you request to rock in your chair. So for right now I will oblige, even when it's late and we are all tired.

I love you so much, precious boy and I wish that you could stay a little peanut forever, and I know that someday you will be bigger than me, but you will always be my best guy!

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