Sunday, November 27, 2016


This year's Thanksgiving was SO needed and SO nice! And hey, just 3 more weeks and it's Christmas break! I will take it!

I just love my people! I know that sometimes the holidays are rough for some people, but I truly love hanging out with my family and spending time with them!

On Wednesday my children actually slept in! I made my assigned good old pumpkin pies, we went to the library to stock up on books for the next few weeks and then we had lunch date with my precious grandma!
It was a red letter day...
This boy has been so sweet this week! I am really missing summer break and spending all day with my loves!

On Thursday, Turkey day, Callie and Kellen actually watched the parade in their jammies. I think my feedback from last year was well received. There were far less interviews and watching marching bands take drum breaks. Good for you Macy's!

My family always has Thanksgiving for lunch which is nice, because A) Everyone is starving.
B) You can eat and still have the evening to decorate for Christmas. C) Thanksgiving dinner is dumb.

Family pictures went splendidly. Usually it is torture fest, but we got it done in one shot and everyone was happy!
Smiling happy children and hubby=smiling happy mama!

Then they agreed to even more pictures, say what?!? Who are these little people?

After we feasted, we had the most lovely stroll in the park and the kids played outside...It was the best!

After dessert, we hung out for a bit and then headed to my grandma's to help her get her decorations out and by that, I mean my kids went through every box and destroyed her house. She is sweet to put up with us! It was super fun to see all the decorations that have been around as long as I can remember. I have the BEST memories of Christmas as a child!

Then we went back home and got out all of our Christmas stuff! It's happening! Yay for Christmas. I can finally listen to Christmas music guilt free and enjoy my super tacky,white tree... I am ready!

It was such a lovely day and now we are all ready for Christmas! Happy Thanksgiving!

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