Friday, February 10, 2017

Callie's New Room

It's finally done! This was another labor of love y'all! Waaaayyyyy back in November, our precious girl decided hot pink princess room was out and modern beach house was much more fitting for her. I died a little bit inside. Who is this girl??

                                                                 Good Bye princess palace....

                                                            See ya later ponies and butterflies...
Hello Modern Beach house!
So it all started with the bunk bed. For as long as I could remember Callie has begged for a bunk bed. I am talkin' since she was like 4, now she finally has one! This monstrosity is from Ikea. It took 4 super smart capable parents like 6 hours to assemble. In all reality though, it is a bed, desk and armoire, so when you think about it being 3 pieces of furniture the time frame is actually legit.

Her bedding is from Ikea as well! There is teensy bit of minty green there and that was our inspiration for the wall color. Which is literally Olympic "Sea Foam Green" It is so pretty and we both agreed on it!
Same old dresser that took me and aunt Jenn a freaking day to make! 
"Hello Gorgeous!" was a vinyl that sweet papa John gave her for Christmas. This is his standard greeting whenever they see each other. It's nice to be papa's girl!

Her lamp and mirror are both from Hobby Lobby and I love her obsession for all things bling. Hey, if it's not pink at least it's shiny!

Callie picked out these sweet pictures of our family all by herself. This frame was also from Hobby Lobby
In addition to her bling, fur was also a must!
We searched high and low for a suitable chair and she finally chose this one with my mom from Pottery Barn! I love how it came out and it is the perfect little place for her to read!
(Pillow are from Hobby Lobby and Ikea)
Her curtain (which you can see better in the first picture) is just a sheer ruffled panel from Target. Callie has grand plans to add one below her bed to make that a little private area in her room.
(The tassel bunting is also from Hobby Lobby)
Callie chose all of these little pictures for her mini gallery wall. She did good and all of these fit her personality to a T!
(They are ALL from Hobby Lobby)
Callie's desk area is so great! She is always begging to hang up junk on her wall, this way she can and it's a little hidden. Also she has tons of drawer space for all of her school stuff and arts and craft things!

(Bulletin board and picture lattice are from Target and match everything perfectly! Her lamp is from Ikea. We are still looking for the perfect chair for her desk. She requested a furry chair, but I think it might be overkill, lol!)

On the desk side...

On the other side...These little cubby holes are perfect for blankets sheets and pillow! The baskets are from Target and they are a life saver!
This corner looks a little naked now! Callie is quite my Lego Maniac and she HATES putting them away. Plus Kellen is a pretty destructive little brother, so this little cage/shelf thing from Target is a great way to display her creations and keep them safe!

She had to have to have these little gold urchin things, also from Target. I don't know why, but whenever she saw them at a store, she requested them. I finally broke down and just got them for her!

This awesome sign was a gift from her MeMe!

More baskets for her books and treasures!
We also spray painted her piggy bank gold, cause' you know, bling reasons...
True facts right here... This sparkle magic was 8 bucks at TJ Maxx!
And last but certainly not least, because ceiling fans and bunk beds are pretty much the most hazardous combination known to parenting, we found this jeweled light fixture at Lowes and it is hit!

So in true Wood project fashion, one tiny little room took way too long, but it's done and looks amazing! I hope that this little re-do will last her  right through high school because I am exhausted!

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