Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

This year the day of love is brought to you by the letter "V" as in virus. As in strep . Actually I think strep throat is an infection. This is why I am a teacher not a doctor. Either way this virus/infection has claimed the two littlest Wood's which is the reason I am home in the middle of the day on a Wednesday while they lay on the couch watching Angry birds and taking turns hacking all over each other waiting for our doctor's appointment.

Back to yesterday, when everyone was healthy...We had such a lovely Valentines day!
Dr. Love and the heart dress from Sunday made an appearance after daddy showered them with candy and treats...
Flowers from my fella. Even though I complain that flowers are a waste of money because they just die in a week. I secretly love that he gets them for me...
This was Callie's little Valentine's day robot box. At the bottom it says, "Feed me yummy Valentine's" How cute is she?!?
Then it was off to school to partake in all things festive and heart related! I LOVE being an elementary school teacher, y'all! We had such a fun day (until literally the last 5 minutes of the day. More about that in a minute) We read sweet stories, did some crafts, played with candy...

At the end of the day we traded cards and ate cupcakes and cookies and probably more candy than we should have...Then as we were cleaning up, not one but two of my little 2nd grade nuggets started coughing so hard they barfed. One in the trash can and one in the sink. It was terrible. Thankfully one of the 4th grade teachers, whose kiddo is in my class, and another student's grandmother were there to help comfort and clean up so I could get the other 25 cleaned up and out the door. It was gross, and totally ruined my 107 day puke free streak, but other than that, my first elementary Valentines party was a hit!
Just a couple pounds of chocolate from my sweet students!

When we got home both kiddos started running a fever and the epidemic struck our house. This actually worked to our advantage, as both of our little Valentines were in bed by 7. My mister and I were able to grill up some steaks and get caught up on the DVR and had such a lovely evening! It was a relaxing end to such a strange little Valentine's day...
Cheers for spreading love, NOT germs!

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