Friday, February 3, 2017

Thrifty Finds This Month!

This week was a super short 3 day week, hurray! Which means that I spent Thursday and Friday, catching up on life stuff. I probably could have gotten more done if I'd planned it out better, but oh well!

I cleaned the carpets, that was an adventure in it's self! I finished Callie and Kellen's rooms, finally! More about that later. I spent like 3 hours going through 3 years worth of file cabinet nonsense, that was wonderful! And NOW I still have 2 glorious weekend days to spend with my familia!

Yesterday I dragged sweet Callie all over town and we even managed to squeeze in a thrift store trip! She is becoming quite my little thrifty shopper. Gotta love that!

Here were our treasures!
Forever 21 Top: $5 Callie picked this one out for me at the last minute! It' super cute!

J. Crew light weight sweater: $6! This is so super fun and will be a great transition into spring sweater.

Apt 9 sweater... I needed a few more sweaters to get me through this oh so cold winter! $6 and it long and cozy, goes great with leggings!

Express CASHMERE sweater! $5. I know it's a super pain in the neck to have to get it dry cleaned, but it's so pretty and soft and such a fun color, I am thinking Valentines day!

Old Navy sweater $5. Another cozy, long sweater to wear with leggings. I kind of forgot what real pants are like!

Hot Pink scarf $3--It photographed kind of purplish but its actually HOT pink! I have looking for a pink scarf for a while now, score!

This was Callie's haul, three new gap tops and Ralph Lauren pleated skirt all for $15! You can't beat it!
Get out there and get thrifting! See what treasures you can find!

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