Wednesday, February 1, 2017

100 Days Wiser

Yesterday, my friends was a glorious day! We here, in the 2nd grade celebrated the 100th day of school. Before I had children of my own, I never even knew that there was such a celebration and now that I am teaching in the primary grades, God forbid we should not have a party for making it to the 100th day of school!

I, for one sure feel older and much wiser. I get schooled in how to be a better teacher everyday!

I LOVE elementary SO much! We started off the day by taking pictures of ourselves and then using the app Aging Booth and transforming ourselves into elderly citizens...Then we wrote about what it was like to be 100! So much fun...

While we were writing we ate 100 snack trail mix, that was a big hit!
All of the kiddos signed up for their favorite snack and we counted out everything. It was a process let me tell you, but it was pretty tasty!

Here is 100 year old me... I feel like a facelift will be in my future...

Callie died when she saw her picture. So. Funny!

We spent the whole morning reading books about 100, and writing activities about 100's of things. Seriously Pinterest was my best friend this week!

After lunch we spent the whole afternoon making 100 day hats, treats, making things using 100 cups and 100 blocks. It was the best day!
100 pattern blocks can make some pretty great things!
This was the beginning of a pretty epic 100 cup tower!
We ended the day making a "100" treat (fudge stripes and wafer cookies) to share with our families and tell them all about our amazing day!
It was seriously such a blast and when my kids left one of my little nuggets said, "Wow all we did was play today!" They had no idea they were even learning. Now that's a great day!

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