Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Happy Easter

I love Easter! I love the thought of spring and warm and renewal. This weekend felt like just what I needed sun, things turning green and spending time with the family.

We had to forgo our annual egg hunt tradition due to a blip in my usually solid calendar and planning skills (I kid. I stink at keeping our schedules organized) So the boys helped Brien's brother get settled in his new place and the girls were left to our own devices! We had a blast spring cleaning and shopping for Easter. Callie even said and I quote, "Mom I like to listen to music when I clean. It makes it more fun." Yes, child of mine, it does.

Saturday evening, we were able to thankfully carry on at least one of our fun Easter traditions of dying eggs!

No green hulk hands this year for Kellen. He was a pro, now! After all the egg dying shenanigans we got out the baskets and carrots for old EB. I fear I may have accidentally made the Easter Bunny into something akin to Santa. You know, he comes in the night. You have to be asleep to get a treat. To the point that Kellen said we need to leave out carrots and maybe even some candy to entice him into our house. One of my girl friends at church said her son wanted to leave out cookies. So, at least I know I am not alone in this!

Easter morning came, bright and beautiful, yay! The kids dug right into their treats and we headed to grandmas for, yes, more Easter treats!
Cadbury eggs. The breakfast of champions!
After Grandma's we headed to church for a wonderful message! 

It was all about how Jesus didn't fix himself up after the Transfiguration so the disciples and us, who are all about the visual confirmation, could see that yes indeed he was tortured and died so we could go to heaven. So true.

After fabulous church, we drove up to Brien's parents to meet up with my family and have our combined Easter Feast. We are so beyond blessed to have families that love each other and get along! The thought of splitting holidays hurt my head a little!

We hunted eggs, ate amazing food and had a great time visiting and the cousins had a blast playing. I heart Easter! 

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