Friday, April 21, 2017

Thifty Finds

Last weekend Callie and I had a little girls day and squeezed in some thrifty thrifting! I found out our favorite little place is a-closing down, sad times! So we had to resort to our old go-to, and thankfully we found some fun treasures!

Loft dress:$ 6.99
I almost wore this for Easter, but I changed to a more comfy dress the morning of Easter. This one is so super cute and I love the cut!

Loft tee: $3.99
I need some lazy summer tees and this fit the bill!

Stripey APT. 9 tee: 3.99. I have been looking for a new black and white striped tee and this one is too cute!

Target shorts: I have been needing some new shorts for working out this spring. I can't wait to get back to running this summer! Plus these still had the tags! $2.99

Callie cleaned up! A dress, 3 tees and a pair of super cute shorts for $12, seriously you can't beat that!

And not so thrifty finds, these amazing shoes! If I didn't wear a new dress at least I had new Easter shoes! Not super comfortable, but they look awesome!

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