Thursday, June 22, 2017

More Adventures in Texas Part One

The first week of summer we got off to rip roaring start with a quick trip to Texas! It was glorious and here's why, it was just the girls and just for shopping, and just what we needed!

We left at the crack of dawn on Thursday, like 4 in the morning...
First stop: Coffee!
The rest of the drive was so long... You know that feeling when you are making great time and you think, "Yeah. I am speed racer. Getting places efficiently." I mean, we had crossed over into Texas by 9 am. But then I forgot just how big Texas is. Long story short we arrived about 7:30 pm. Thanks Metroplex traffic and random rain storms.

After a loooonnnnggg day in the car, we were whipped for the night, we needed our beauty rest for shopping the next day.

The main purpose of the trip was to take my mother in law on her first trip to Texas and visit Canton. You see, Canton is perhaps the most glorious shopping experience of all times. It's a once a month flea market. But not just any flea market, the biggest one in the whole state. Texas is big, so that's saying a lot!

It's miles and miles of anything that you could possible imagine buying. If you can't find it at Canton, it might not exist!

Giant metal T-Rex for your yard? Canton has you covered.
We actually ended up seeing this in someones truck when we were driving down the interstate back to Kilgore!

We had a BOLO (be on the look out) list as long as my arm and we were determined. We were looking for furniture and fun things to re-do or re-purpose. Most of the shops are inside pavilions, but the real treasures are outside, in tents. That's where you can find all the stuff that's unfinished so you can make it look like the stuff in the pavilions and not pay a fortune!

Plus, I was crazy inspired for a bunch of new projects I want to try. Or rather that I want Brien to try. I think he might not like me or Canton too much, because I am full of new ideas! 
I can totally make this!

And also this!

Add this to the list!

This is just old fence pickets. We got some laying around, I know it!

This is just old shutters, $300? No thank you. I have a husband with a saw!
Here is what I actually bought...

I thought this unfinished little monogram laurel would look oh-so-cute on my front door. P.S I am totally painting my front door red!

A set of four of these hideously painted chairs that I scored for $80!

And this 100 year old 5 panel door, for $30!
Here's what I am going to do with them...

I found these identical chairs at an inside pavilion with a table of course, but this set was $800. Umm I will get a can of paint and fix that right up for!
So big plans to white wash with chalk paint and then stain those super cute little nooks and crannies on the back. I am pretty excited to get started on them!
I am going to turn my door into a head board. Since my fella threw away all of my pallets, I think I might just use this instead. It needs to be sanded and sealed, some crown molding and done, new bed.Or maybe a coffee table. I haven't decided yet!
Do you see why I am torn? I should have bought a few more doors!

Things I should have bought, that are on my list to keep my peepers out for are...
A dough bowl. How cute would this be with some pine cones in it or some Christmas ornaments during December?!?

A cotton boll wreath. Cotton was ALL the rage at Canton. I bet Joanna Gaines uses it a bunch in her houses (I actually heard she shops at Canton for things for her store!) I didn't want to pay a fortune, they were like $80, I am thinking I can re-create this somehow!

Back to Canton... After a crazy rainstorm and a quick rest,

We collected our treasures and headed back to town. That night we went out to eat and went to see Wonder Woman, which really was so wonderful. Callie loved it and decided that she now would like to be in the military or maybe a super hero. I believe she could certainly do both! 

 After we had shopped til we dropped, we settled in and showed Grandma Denise how great Texas really is! More on the rest of the trip later!

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