Monday, July 3, 2017

Make something Monday: 4th of July Fireworks

It has been crazy town USA at the wood house the last week, y'all! Immediately following our trip to Wyoming for the weekend, my mister left us to get trained for his new position in New Mexico. 5 wild days alone with these crazies...
I am not gonna lie, we sure had fun, but we were glad when daddy came home!
Now that this week is a little more normal, we have been getting in our groove a little... 
We actually squeezed in a little craftiness! Hurray, for make something Monday!
This week we did 4th of July Firework salt paintings! 

You need:
Dark construction paper
Elmer's glue--Use the good kind, I'll explain why in a minute
Glitter (optional, but fun)
Table salt

First design some fireworks...
Here's why you need the good glue... Because stuff actually sticks to it! Callie used Elmer's and hers came out perfectly. Kellen was a titch impatient and used the dollar store glue and his salt didn't stick and when he painted it most of the salt fell off. Sad times.

Next, while the glue is still wet (duh) sprinkle on the salt and glitter. We did a combination of both
Then shake of the excess in the trash.
Once the glue has dried a little you can paint the salt! Again, my fella, was a little impatient and started painting when it was still wet and his salt continued to flake off...
But he's 3 and doesn't seem to care too much, so it was fine!

Here is the finished product!
They came out SO cute and we are ready for a happy 4th of July!

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