Wednesday, June 21, 2017

What's Cookin' This week: Blueberry Cupcakes

We are all out of  sorts and not on any kind of schedule this summer! Yikes, I am usually better than this! Thanks to another week of school stuff (just getting professionally developed in teaching reading) we have not been home ALL week, again.
This week is math and VBS, then the family reunion, so not really getting any less busy!
My eldest keeps quietly reminding me, that she will be sticking to the schedule she created years ago and so far, she has done it!
Last Wednesday, due to an overabundance of blueberries in the fridge (I am talking 8 pounds, y'all) she decided she wanted to make blueberry cupcakes.
All the berries!
She did everything, followed the recipe exactly, and they were AMAZING!  So I thought I would share!
Here is the link...

I am not talking light and fluffy cupcakes. They are rich and sweet and SO good and I think I may have found my new food photographer!

She even garnished them with mint leaves from my herb garden. How cute is that?!

Do you see what I am talking about with these pictures, yum!
So that's what's cookin' around here, hopefully next week, since we are finally free to enjoy the summer, there will be lots more yummy treats to share about!

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