Thursday, July 13, 2017

Summer lovin'

This summer has been a hot random mess, but we have sure had fun doing it!
A rose for Callie Rose!

We visited the nursery and stocked up on flowers!
We painted dinosaurs...
In keeping with tradition we made our end of the year binder!
We headed to the swimming pool, right before the picture we had spent the last hour at urgent care after my friend here fell out of the shopping cart right on his big ol' head and right onto the concrete in the parking lot. It was pretty scary, but nothing could keep him from the pool that day!
We hot tubbed...

We trampolined it in the country...
We celebrated daddys!

We read books on the porch after playing ALL afternoon...
We made strange food from mud and plants at grandma's house!
We VBS-ed it up! It was so fun this year!

Well I should say, Callie VBS-ed it, cause Kellen, you know the director's son, refused to go to anything and cried like a banshee when I left his side, you know, to direct things...

All these precious kiddos and helpers, we sure are blessed!

We kept busy while daddy was out of town, that was a rough week, let me tell you. Thank goodness for the Bachelorette, wine and knowing that my Mister was coming home on Friday!


Father of the year made his daughter's dream come true by making a zip line in the front yard. It is pretty magical and all the neighborhood children have given it a try!
Callie made the perfect reading spot.  Thanks, Grandma!

We Fourth of July-ed it up! It was quite the fun day with the family, yummy food, my favorite folks and then our own fireworks. Kellen still has a crazy obsession with all things bright and loud and exploding. My parents joined us and we watched the neighbors do their fireworks, so it was double the fun. Then we went for a wander all around the neighborhood to see what other people were up to. It's become our new tradition to fight the crowds and parking that you have to endure with the big fireworks displays and I am all for it. Also, P.S Happy meet you day to my love, 8 years, Mister!
We babysat this little nugget! I forgot for a hot minute how much work babies are. I sure miss those sweet baby days, but I like the bigger kids days much better!

This smile, Oy, is she sweet! 
So that's what we have been up to, just lovin' summer and all the things that go with it! Thank you summer break!

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