Friday, July 14, 2017

Thrifty Finds this Month

We have found a new thrifty store! Hurray and jackpot, after ours closed a few months ago, we have tried a bunch of places and struck out. But not this time! Callie woke up one morning ready to run errands and she had these shorts on that were butt cheek city, y'all. I seriously don't know how to shop for this girl. She has the longest, skinniest little body you ever did see, which presents shorts problems. Her waist says size 5 please, but her legs are begging for an 8. Such the dilemma!

We hit Old Navy and that cheap skate inside of me just comes right out, No I will not pay $20 for a pair of shorts she will out grow in 3 months, so thrifting it was!

This girl cleaned up!
11, yes, that's right 11 pairs of shorts and 1 pair of capris and a cute little top. Problem solved and all for about $30. Crazy, I tell you!
Kellen decided he would like some puppy and shark shirts and guess what we found....
And I found some fun stuff too! Yay for bargains!
Score!! I finally found a new jean jacket and this one is so cute, it doesn't have any weird patches or such and it fits like a glove!
American Eagle: $8
I did a major dress clean out in my closet a few days ago, it's amazing what I have hung on to that didn't fit any more or were super out of style! So naturally I have to fill it with more fun dresses!
Apt. 9 (I think it's from Kohls) $5

Old Navy: $4

Old Navy: $4

Maxi dress with tags! I have no idea where, maybe Ross or TJ Maxx?
Stripped tie top: $6 I almost bought one of these in the spring, I am glad I didn't.
I have no idea where this brand comes from!
This super cute thin duster $6, it's much cuter in real life and SO soft!
That's all for this month, I can't wait to go again for back to school!

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