Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Texas adventures: The Rest of the Story

Let's finish this saga up, I mean it's been over a month and still have not gotten around to finishing it!
So we left off the day after we gathered our treasures and were pondering what to do with them (more about that later) On Sunday, we did church and I got to catch up with my old church people and it was just wonderful. I miss that little place! While I love our church at home, there is just something about Chandler Street that makes me happy!
After church we headed to Callie's most favorite Mexican restaurant, The Jalapeno Tree. It's a Texas institution, y'all!  While the food is subpar, I mean, Callie orders mac and cheese every time, it's always fun to be with your people!

After lunch we had big plans to hang out and do nothing, but instead, we suggested a trip to the land in the woods to show Denise! I don't think she realized that this is pretty regular thing, but she was surprised that we loaded up the snacks and four-wheelers and all that jazz to head to the river house!
How cute are these rainboots? Thanks Kilgore Wal-Mart!
Then we ventured out into the woods! Most of the well worn paths were underwater or blocked by trees from a bad storm a few weeke earlier, but it gave Callie's grandpa a chance to survey the damage and bust out the chainsaw to get everything cleaned up and put back together!
Fallen tree photoshoot? Why not!

The biggest tree on the land. The picture does not do it justice! I cannot explain how big this cypress tree is!

I think we just may have converted her to loving Texas!
Before we left, my mother in law said to me, "I finally get why you love it here and it's as much about the people as it is the place." MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
After exploring all over the river a storm blew in so we packed it up and headed to town for supper! Our last Texas dinner was comprised of catfish, shrimp and hush puppies, we had to do it right!
The next morning we packed up the truck and made a few last stops before pulling out of town!
This was my old house and the house where Callie lived her first 18 months!!! We were just going to do a quick drive by and there was a for-sale sign outside! So we wandered around and took a trip down memory lane. It was in pretty sad shape, but nonetheless, most of the improvements that were made were still holding up! 
We also made a pit stop at my old school, where Callie's Meme still works. It has changed SO much in 8 years and it was super fun to see all of the new buildings and foot ball field! This was a far cry from the rusty bleachers and dry viney grass that we had in my teaching years here!
My old classroom was being used for summer school, but this was one of my old neighbors class a few doors down. Let's be real here, all classrooms need a stage! Callie was in heaven! I miss the old wood floors and history of this place.
After we said goodbye to Meme it was time to hit the road and head to Ok-a-la-homa!
It was a drive let me tell you! We ran into an accident and good old siri rerouted us something terrible, but we ended getting to see some really pretty towns and it was an other wise uneventful drive.
Once we got to Oklahoma we had dinner with one of Brien's cousins and her precious little family before heading to spend the night at Denise's brother and his wife's house. We had a great night and they were so sweet to put us up! Before we went to bed that night we made big plans for the next day. Since we were only 9 hours away from home, we had what Denise and I have a coined as a turn around trip. Let me explain. A turn around trip is a road trip in which, if you see something interesting that warrants turning around and going back to look at, you do it. It's the kind of trip boys hate, specifically our boys, so we took advantage.

The first leg of our trip led us to a berry farm! Say what?! How quaint is that? It's also the reason for all the blueberries all up in my house. It was such a pretty morning, cool and crisp and all those berries were just calling to us. Callie and I managed to pick 8 pounds of berries in less that an hour!
When we first pulled up the farmer who runs the farm was feeding he baby lambs, Callie was not going to miss out on a chance to feed them!
Then the blissful blueberry picking!

Thanks sweet aunt Julianne for bringing us here!
After we had picked a sufficient amount we got back on the road and headed for home! I have to say our turn around trip was going well so far. After we had been on the road a few hours we saw an amazing antique mall in Wichita. Since this was a turn around trip, we surely did turn around. My mother in law found a super cool tobacco basket from the 1930's that she regretted not picking up at Canton, so that turn around was a successful stop! We made one more turn around to get Callie a burger at Steak and Shake and then we were on our way. After a loooonnnggg day, we finally made it! We had such a great adventure and came home with so many treasures, but boy, was it good to be home. Until Next time Texas!

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