Sunday, October 22, 2017

Crafty Mummy

Yesterday we had a marathon Halloween fest at our house! It was super fun, I am not gonna lie, Fall break is good for the soul and good for the craftiness. We checked a bunch of things off from Pinterest!

First up, this mummy cuteness from an old cookie sheet. Here is the pinterest version...

You need need:
A cookie sheet (we used an old rickety one so now I can buy a new one!)
White paint
Gauze of white fabric cut into strips (we used an old pillow case, I couldn't find the first aid kit)
Google eyes
Hot glue gun
Old English furniture polish

First, paint the pan, we ran out of white spray paint so we used some left over white paint we found inn the garage.
Once it's dry then start gluing on the gauze. Be so super careful, Callie and I both sustained pretty serious burns from my new hot glue gun (thanks high heat glue gun). I am talking gross blistery burns that we had to sit with our hands in ice water all night kinds of burns, ouch!

We tried to make a criss crossy patterns and then glued the ends down on the back side of the pan.
Add your google eyes and a cute bow (because you know girl mummies had bows, right?)
Then use the Old English on a wet rag to "dirty" up the bandages. I am sure you could use brown stain or paint on ink pad too, but we were working with not much here!

So stinkin' cute! Well played, Callie!

We added some burlap (That's how I sustained my injuries) to the back to hang her on the front door!

Whilst we were working on our cute door mummy the kids were feasting on some mummy pizzas, which were equally adorable!
You need:
Mini pizza crusts (I went with good old store bought, but you could make the dough or use bagels, English muffins, what ever you have on hand)
pizza sauce
sliced olives
slices of mozzarella cheese sliced into strips

Sauce em'

Pepperoni em'

Cheese and olive em'

They were adorable!

But not so much after we cooked them! They were mummy, I mean yummy though!

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