Sunday, October 29, 2017

Fantastico Fall Break

This year, fall break was good for my soul, all our souls, really! The weather was perfection, I took care of some serious cleaning and catching up business and we had SO much fun doing cool things.

The first real day of fall break we went back to Hudson Gardens, where we had the family pictures a few weeks ago. The kids were asking to go back when we had time to play, so we did just that!

I think we saw every square foot of the gardens and my kids climbed on everything. Most of the flowers were already gone for the season, but it was still beautiful! I really want to take them back next summer when everything is bloom. I'll have to remember to put that on the old calendario.

Another glorious day in the CO!

Then nature trails were super fun!

There were monarch butterflies everywhere! They were pretty magical. Every time you walked they fluttered by in herd, it was like a Disney movie!

The mini hay maze was super fun!

Callie was in love with this old barn, for some reason...

It was a fun trip and we can't wait to go back!

Besides going to Hudson, we went to Hammond's candy factory with my aunt Carol and Grandma it was a blast as well!
Silly boy! So Hammond's is a candy factory, the oldest in Denver and they still make candy with the old timey machines, the old fashioned way. And they give free tours every day and free samples. If you have not been, you should. But do not drive the way we did. We went some crazy way, through all the factories and more "industrial" parts of town. I got a whole new view of the city I have literally never seen before!

They were mesmerized...

Love this family of mine!

We had a great time on our candy factory adventure and I so glad these gals were able to spend the day with us!
The rest of fall break, Brien was gone hunting, well mostly hiking with guns, as their group likes to call it. So I was on my own with these crazies and we made it a pretty fun few days!
We cheers-ed OJ

We helped get the yard ready for winter to help daddy

We made crazy race tracks!

We made gross cookies...

We snuggled and watched the Broncos lose...

We played with our sweet cousin...

We played with tractors at Grandma's office...

It was a red letter week! Now we are refreshed and recharged and ready for a few more weeks of school! I heart fall break!

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