Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Dolla' Tree Pumpkins

This here is a super quick one! So our Halloween/fall decor was looking a titch bare, so we needed some cheap stuff to jazz up the old Wood house for the big day!

So back on Pinterest I went! I found this cute little link with all kinds of fun ideas for CHEAP, like 3 bucks!

Aaaandd off the $ Tree we went! They had just a few of these bad boys left...
Some super crappy Styrofoam pumpkins! I think next year, I will stock up early!
I also had some left over black chalkboard spray paint from various projects. They were clearly asking to be chalkboard pumpkins!

Literally all I did was rip off the stems on two of them and the spray paint them. Two coats, that fake foam just soaks up the paint! Once they were dry, I free handed with some chalkboard markers and I  finished off my cute, new little pumpkins...
Then hot glue them together using the stemless ones on the bottom and middle and stemmed one on top. Done and done and oh so easy! Gotta love a quick and cheap craft! Happy Monday!

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