Tuesday, October 10, 2017

October, Mountains, Fall and All the Nonsense

Its been a interesting few days, I am not gonna lie! My Mister went out of town, we had another round of strep throat roll through the house, we did family pictures for the first time in 20 years, it went from summer to winter and we had a great mountain get away, whew, I need a fall break asap!

It's a good thing that it will be happening in just a few days. I have said it before and I will say it again, I HEART fall break. I love it more than spring break by far! I never need rest as much as I do after the first quarter of school. I don't know how this hasn't caught on everywhere. Seriously teachers who do not have fall break or just adults in general who do not have teaching jobs; How do you get through?!?

 We have been keeping busy with random shenanigans...No she is not going to be a taco for Halloween, but how hilarious is this costume?! Callie was all like, "How would you even hold a bag for your candy?!" Always thinking ahead, that one!
Family picture shenanigans. This was pretty much his face in every single picture. Yeah. Hopefully we were able to get a few good ones. More on that later!

Do you trade out your clothes for the seasons? I have always kept everything all mixed up together my whole life, because, I like options. But for the past few years we have been switching out summer and winter every October and March. It is stressful! I got a facebook thing, you know the one, "on this day" thing, and it was a post from 9 years ago that said, "I can't find our coats. This is stressing me out." I was dying! It was the first fall after Callie and I moved home and everything was still packed up in the my parents basement before our apartment was ready. Good old Colorado decided to be like 30 degrees one day and I spent  3 hours rifling through clothes just looking for something with sleeves to dress my 2 year old in! Oh life! 

So this weekend after our mountain weekend, I spent most of the day going through the boxes and boxes of winter things to get out our clothes for the SNOW STORM  on Monday. Usually I wait until fall break to bust all the jazz out, but this year just could not wait!

It was also a little depressing, I was looking at piles of clothes and thinking, "I hate everything I own right now!" Do you ever wish that you could just throw away all of your clothes and just start fresh? If only there was enough money and time to get a whole new wardrobe...
I digress, back to life...

So the mountains! We usually do a Wood family trip to Winter Park every year, but this year was busy and we were struggling to coordinate everyone's schedules. So it was just us, the kids and Brien's parents. It was such a lovely time. I love the mountains and if they were warmer, I would live there, but for me, they are a swell place to visit!

Thanks to Callie's Meme and Daddy Ty we were able to book a weekend and away at their condo!
The best time out ever...

The trees were just amazing! 

We played and hiked and relaxed. 

We ate at a super fancy restaurant, so unlike us!

We hit the outlets...

We saw foxes and moose!

It's pretty great what 48 hours away from real life can do for your soul!

On Sunday we came home, crazy searching for warm clothes and planning for my observation on Monday, it was back to real life!
Then this nonsense happened. GAH! Already, with the snow, Colorado. I was looking back and it has been exactly 6 months since the last snow. It's not enough time, I need more warm!

So that's been October, a little of this and a little of that! Hopefully fall break will be a brief reprieve from cold weather and more fun with the family! 

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