Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Living in the past and looking forward

No this is not a profound post, but the title kinda sounds like it... I am talking about when you have something that you got in the past and need to replace it, but you CANNOT find a suitable substitute.

I have been whining about this for awhile now and as Brien very lovingly put it, "stop living in the past."

                                                     Beautiful bedding...you will be missed.

For example... I have been needing new bedding as ours in pretty sad shape. We have had it forever , I am talking a faded, pilly mess, full of holes. I promptly went in search for a replacement, but came home empty handed because I couldn't find what I was looking for. Finally I realized, what I was looking for just didn't exist any more. I was living in the past. I gave up and started looking for something different and now everything has come together and I love it! More about that later.

Another example of this is our kitchen chairs. I bought them at ikea a long time ago and they are starting to fall apart a little, but I can't find anything that I like that doesn't cost a million dollars. So either something will come along or I will just live with it until they are totally destroyed and I can't function. That's life I guess. Why can't stores just sell what I have envisioned in my head?! Okay rant over.
Awesome Ikea chair...you will just have to make the cut for awhile....

Now looking forward. Do you ever have one of those weeks when you have something to look forward to everyday? I love those! I want to make it a goal to have something to look forward to everyday. It just makes life happier. Even if it's just something small, a morning stop for coffee, getting together with a fun friend or family member, something to give you that extra boost. I am especially guilty of being a slave to my schedule during the school year and I just look forward to breaks and vacations. I want to make an effort to that each day, not just in the summer!

This week was one of those weeks. Everyday had something pretty awesome, not huge just something to look forward to. On Thursday it was my last day of school, THAT was something to look forward to. That night, it was super cold and rainy so I took a really hot bath in my grown up tub and sat there with the window wide open (don't worry, it's up high) and just listened to the rain. It was SO great!

Friday was field day at Callie's school. Come hell or highwater, they were havin' field day. I don't think I have ever been quite so cold and wet, especially in May. I got to run the obstacle course this year and it was way BETTER  that terrible bean bag race I had last year! The kids and I braved the cold and had an excellent time!

Friday night we feasted on crock pot roasted chicken. I was brave and bought a whole roaster chicken, recipe here...
I was reading the recipe and it said something about giblets, wait, what?!  Yes, I, me, cleaned giblets out of a chicken. I may have screamed a little when they fell out and then wrapped  my hand in a plastic bag and picked up it up 37 paper towels, but I did it!  After 8 hours of cooking it tasted amazing!
It was perfect for a cold, drizzly night!

Saturday, Callie had a gymnastics meet, her final of the season. It was a blast and she had gotten so much better. She still wasn't promoted to the intermediate class, but I think she is close!

So proud of my sweet girl!
Saturday during the day Brien bought himself a new smoker (Happy Father's day, by the way) and he smoked us some delicious ribs and my family came over.

Callie was having fun taking pictures on her Ipad...
Sunday we went to church and we worked on VBS stuff. I am getting a titch stressed. I kind of put it off a little and was so focused on finishing school, now I am trying to get everything done! Prayers for a smoooooth week! After church we had a lovely BBQ and celebrated my beautiful grandmother's birthday!

This boy was loving some fruit salad until he was tricked with a tomato that he thought was a cherry. No veggies for him!

These cousins had a blast playing the sunshine, while we actually had it!

After everyone left we took pictures on the front porch...This here was the only good picture!

What the other 20 pictures actually looked like...

On Monday, we went north to flatville to see Brien's family. His aunt was in town and we had a lovely visit and of course more BBQ and fun!

Kellen finally gets "cheese", but Callie missed the memo!

Digging in grandma's dirt was blast!

This sweet girl playing on uncle Zach's boat.
It was a delightful weekend! Now I am ready and looking forward to all the fun we are going to have this week!

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