Thursday, May 21, 2015

School's out for Summer!

I am free! As free as the wind blows, as free as the grass grows... I'll stop...I have been an absentee blogger these days. I have been so busy trying to finish school and just do life that I have not had time to sit down and update. Here goes...
My mantra, all week...

I have no idea what to do with myself! I have a to-do list as long as my arm and zero motivation to do any of it. The weather is so dreary and cold I feel like I am going on Christmas break, not summer break. I was looking at pictures from last Memorial day and I already had a nice tan, come on CO!!

This has been another weird end to the school year. Last week we had a fundraiser dunk tank to donate money to a colleagues relief fund in Nepal. It was fun, but freezing. No I did not, nor will I ever get in that thing. But one of my sweet, amazing co-worker was a better sport than me!
She was too funny in her bikini top over her clothes. This girl cracks me up!

 Field day was cancelled. Sad times. However, all of the 6th grade team rallied and we still had a fun inside day. On Monday I had the day off for some random trade day. So what did I do you ask? Well, I baked 120 cupcakes between watching episode of property brothers. It was quite the fun day.

For the first time in 7 long years I did not have to move classrooms! How great is that?? No putting 125,487 books into boxes, no ripping 472 posters off my walls and no packing up 56 boxes of crap from my desk. Hurray! This is what normal people must feel like at the end of the year.

On the home front. Bunnies ate ALL my beautiful grass. What on earth do you do about this?!?  I have tried Everything to get rid of those wretched bunnies (I may have even tried to run a few over to thin the herd)! I was so mad! I spent most of my Saturday making my flower bed beautiful and those beasts sabotaged me... Does anyone else have this problem??
In other news, Kellen is a genius. While I was dropping Callie off at girl scouts, Kellen convinced Brien to put, not one, but two, coats on him. Then he waited... The second I walked in the door he grabbed my hand and said, "out?" and pulled me to the back door...He is tricky a little thing!
Not a chance friend, it's 40 and raining out!
Not much else going on currently, just waiting for my girl to finish school and attempting my list of chores. More to come soon!

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