Monday, May 11, 2015

The Blizzard and Mother's day

This year Mother's day was pretty great! Last year, we decided to tear up our yard the day before a snowstorm...
Yeah...It looks pretty much the same, just with some mulch now...

This year, I got an extra day off on Friday and a blizzard. So Friday, our babysitter had to go out of town and I had to take a day off school and stay home with the kiddos. (I was totally okay with that, I am ready for the healing powers of summer) We had a lovely day playing with great grandma and grandma Sue. It was a torrential downpour of rain, but, hey, we needed chick-fil-a and grandma times!

Saturday Callie had gymnastics class in which she declared that "I just have to get the gold!" Last week her practice was cancelled and we caught warm ups for a high school meet. Both of my children were mesmerized! I think this is what brought the exclamations of Olympic dreams. Then we had to run some errands, Brien sold the old pick-up  truck (yay), we shopped for presents for the mom's, Callie went to a rollerskate party, we had dinner at my parents and we braved a blizzard.. whew I feel tired just thinking about it!
Kellen was soaked and freezing, but he loves snow!
Mother's day morning, I was able to get ready in total peace! That was a gift in and of itself. I could actually do my make up without shooing someone out of the toilet water or yelling across the hallway "make your bed"!  We ventured out of the house into the snow...Yikes!
Thanks, Colorado!
Then my loves took me out for a delicious breakfast, yummy! Coffee and strawberry waffles!
The boys are having fun, trust me...
Next, I got to go on a little "bedding" shopping spree! I have been wanting new bedding forever! I went a little crazy and thought I got everything I wanted. But, when I got it all home and set up, I hated it.  Why can't the store just sell what I have envisioned in my head?!? So I went back to Target and got a boring old down comforter, and I will just fill in the rest as I go!
                                          Microcell Down Alternative Comforter Mini Set
Pretty, but plain...
Suggestions are welcome!
So for the rest of the day...
Kellen "Fixed" stuff with a screwdriver.
Jake stared blanky at the wall with a ball in his mouth.
Callie and I made silly faces on the couch.
And we had a lovely dinner of chicken noodle soup and celebrated my wonderful mother!
My pretty Mama! Gosh, we were both babies!
So to wrap it all up...
After watching Despicable Me 2 on repeat with my daughter, I thought this was fitting for Mother's Day. If you are celebrating your Mom today, or you are a Mother being celebrated, just remember that you ARE a hero to those in your life :)

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