Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekend fun!

This weekend was another fun one! I love shirking my adult responsibilities and just relaxing all the day long! On Friday I had "Muffins for mom" with this cutie...
Then I taught my fanny off all day long...My student teacher has a class on Friday's so I get to "take back my class". It makes me realize how much I miss putting on a show everyday! It has been lonely in that work room!

Saturday we slept in a little, then Callie had gymnastics. After her class we headed up to Brien's parents to hang out for the day. It was just great! There is just something about hanging out at grandma's house!

We feasted all day, per usual, and while the boys and bigs went fishing us girls and the babies stayed behind and enjoyed being crawled all over on the patio... The weather was perfect!

We had a super late night and ended up getting home even later than usual due to an accident blocking our way to the highway. After 5 hours of sleep we just couldn't rally the masses for church, so we had another bonus relax day at home! Brien detailed my car, Kellen discovered he loves chalk, Callie played all day in the basement and I worked on my flower bed, more about that later...
I am so ready for the months of endless Saturdays! Only 11 more days of school...Yay!

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