Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Favorites

Here are some favorites 'round our house this week...

Girl scout cookies! They have taken over my dining room and our lives! It's just too tempting to have 1,000 cookies taking up residence in my home. I have already polished a box of Samoas, clearly the best cookie. Some of you may argue that thin mints are the best, however, Samoas have more substance to them and are a far more complex cookie, much better in my book, than tiny minty cookies.

Hue 'Blackout' Leggings
Leggings! I am huge supporter of leggings and frequently wear them as pants with longer tops and dresses (cover those crotches, no one needs that in their lives) I usually order a few pairs at the beginning of winter off Jane or pick up a few pairs at Target. By the end of winter, they are a pilly, linty, faded mess! Apparently these are the must have leggings. The don't stretch, fade or pill. They are a little on the pricy side, but I figured I was spending $40 anyway and then just throwing them away! So far, these have been great and totally worth it! They are the perfect amount of stretch, they wash well, they have a nice high waistband and they are not see through at all, and that matters to most people that their pants are not see through!

                                               Image result for person of interest
Person of interest! This show has been our jam for the last month and we still have a season left! Its SO good. Again we can't get away from these government conspiracy/cop/crime shows! If you need a new nexflix series, this will definitely fit the bill!

                                                        Image result for chaos mascara
Mascara! I love mascara, maybe a little too much! This was new at the Targ last week, so I decided to try it out! I love it, but it might not be for everyone. It definitely gives you crazy spider leg eye lashes, which I quite enjoy, it super thick, chunky and lasts all day, win/win!

Time with grandma! I had to save the best for last...these babies love their great grandma. She will drop anything and just sit down with them. They were enjoying watching Tom and Jerry or Mickey Mouse or some crazy kid show. As Callie has said many times, "There is just something magical about Great Grandma!"

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