Sunday, February 7, 2016

How to fix wood scratches with this easy trick...

You know those creepy ads that show up on your facebook that say "How to lose 30 lbs with this easy trick" OR "How to make 3 billion dollars with this easy trick". Those always make me laugh, do people really click on them?? Anywho...

 This one is REAL I assure you!!

So recently our dog has taken to attacking the doors and windows in our house when he see something outside that makes him angry or concerned. It has ruined some of our door and window frames!
That's a naughty puppy!

One day I was on Pinterest and I saw how to repair scratches in wood and I decided to give it a try. I mean it couldn't look any worse that it did, right??

Literally all I did was pour Olive Oil on a paper towel and it changed my life!
This was the before...
Yikes, you can imagine how mad I was!!
Aaaannnddd, after...
Amazing!! I had NO idea that oil could do this!!
All you do is rub the oil in the scratches and they seem to vanish. Some of the deeper ones required a little more rubbing, but I seriously cannot believe this worked! Thank goodness for easy tricks!

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