Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Magic Trash

Dear me, we are riding the hot mess express in my classroom these past few weeks! With the snow and the melting and grass and the general grossness of children, the floor of my classroom was taking a beating!

I came up with the most ridiculous game a few weeks ago and it has saved my life! What children will do for a piece of candy, enter "Magic Trash!"

One Wacky Wednesday, I was wondering around my classroom eating some sour gummy worms left over from a project, as the children cleaned up for the day and stacked their chairs. I spotted some trash and one of my crazy curious students said, "Mrs. Wood, will you give me a gummy worm if I pick up all the trash?" Now, I am not super into bribery, but hey this was workin' in my favor and magic trash was born!

Now, every day I perch on a chair and overlook the room and I choose like 3 pieces of trash in weird places, under the sink, in the corner, near the library where no one sits, but trash always shows up. Then I watch the kids practically dive bombing the floor to get anything they can! They request this game everyday and for the low, low price of 3 sour gummy worms, I have the cleanest floor in the whole dang school!

Ahhh! Spotless!

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