Monday, March 14, 2016

I love....

I have been a bit busy the last few days! School has been crazy going into 4th quarter and trying to get everything ready for the end of the year and for testing. Seriously, this has been the longest school year of my life, but because there has been so much to do, the days fly by!

So to get all caught up...
 I love my extended family!!
A few weeks ago we had our annual 5280 dinner for my mother in law's birthday and this year did not disappoint!

We met up for drinks at this little place in Morrison
My lovely husband mentioned that he had felt like he had been here before. We had in fact been here before! We had come to one of our first dates here! Way back when we were young and fun, I had planned a date night going to this little bistro and then we went to Red Rocks to watch a movie. It was fun to be back, I had totally forgotten about this little date! I guess we need to get out for more date nights!

We had supper at the Fort. It's this crazy restaurant in the foothills that has been around for a long time! They serve "western" food, but it's super fancy! As always, we had a blast and I actually tried Rocky Mountain Oysters. They were gross for the record.

I love my crazy children!
They have been so ridiculously lovey to each other and I do not want it to stop!
HE had to do Callie's hair for church on Sunday morning!

This crazy little chunk, came home with his hood on and when I told him to pull it off, he said, "No Mommy! I look cool." This boy!

Putting some miles on the barbie jeep. Kellen is obsessed and Callie loves being the chauffeur!

Wal-Mart to-go groceries
 This is my latest obsession! I loathe grocery shopping! It's my second least favorite chore, right behind laundry. If they had a laundry to-go, I would be there all the time! I know dry cleaners could probably do this, but it would far out of my price range to just dump off four load of laundry a week and still be able to pay my bills.

I digress. So Wal-Mart to go. I am NOT a fan of Wal-Mart by any stretch. I am a Target girl through and through. But on Saturday morning on the way home from the hair shop, I just drove by the grocery store and kept right on driving by. I can really only fit it in on Saturday or Sunday and it is SO busy! You can't find parking, can't get a cart. The lines are absurd and my children become demonic in the store. So I decided to try Wal-Mart to go. IT WAS LIFE CHANGING! It took me a while to enter in everything from our list and I forgot a few things, but I saved a ton of money.

All you have to do is put in what you want online, sign up for a time to get it and go pick it up. You pull into a parking spot, call them and they bring it to your car and load it for you, for free! Why would you not do this?!?

So, so, so  many other things I love, as well, but this week, these take the cake! 

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