Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Thrifty finds this month!

I am not gonna lie, this month I have been shopping. But I have found some deals and steals, so that makes it okay, right??
This tee! $10 On Jane.com!

This other tee! $8 at Old Navy--I love the little fringy-ness!

This sweatshirt! $8 at Old Navy, hmm what to wear with this??

Last week all tees and tanks were $5 at Target--I hope they are going to run this sale again before summer! I need to stock up!

Another $5 Target tee! It's so cute!

Teeeny elephants!

These earring! Scooped them up at Wal-Mart for $3 while we were picking out Callie some tennis shoes this weekend! They are so cute!

More $3 earrings!

Fringy boots were on super sale at Target! I think they were $20. I hope I can squeeze them in before it gets too hot!

These were not thrifty, but I have been eyeballing a cute pair of lace up flats and Target always delivers!

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