Thursday, May 5, 2016

April Closet Additions

I wish I could add a real closet to my house, but instead, my 9 year old has a larger one than me... first world problems, right?

When I dug through my spring/summer stash, I realized I had so many old and worn items, that I got rid of a ton of stuff, yay for decluttering and organizing, but now I have nothing to wear. Okay, that is a lie, but, I need some  new stuff! I really should just stick to thrifting. I kind of miss it!

Nude Flats: JCrew. I finally broke down and bought some! These have been on repeat since I purchased them. They go with EVERYTHING!

Floral detail tunic: I LOVE this little tee. Well, I guess it's a long tee, but either way. I feel like this is going to be great for summer!

Maxi dress: Kohls. The snazzy dressed special ed. teacher across the hall had a dress just like this on the other day. When I asked her where she got it she said to my dismay, "Kohl's, but a few years ago." So I took my chances and went there and found this super cute, similar dress. Score!

Romper #1: Target. I have been searching for a romper for forever and I never could find a cute one that was flattering. So this weekend at Target I tried on like 12 and this was one of two that made the cut! I can't wait to wear it when we hit Nashville this month!

Stripy dress: Old Navy- $7. I scored this little gem on half price dress day. It is so cute and comfy! I can't wait to style it this summer!

Romper #2: Target. Thanks to it's high halter neck and loose-ish fabric, this romper was actually so cute! I couldn't decide between the 2, so they both came home with me!
That's all for this month. That's all my bank account could handle. Yup, definitely back to thrifting next time!

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