Monday, May 9, 2016

Marvelous Mother's Day!

It didn't snow this year! So weather was a little chilly, but there was not a flake in sight, I will take it!

Mother's Day this year was just nice. It's funny... you see all of these ads before Mother's day that talk about get your wife a spa day or a huge diamond to show her you appreciate her, but isn't about the kids, I mean really!?

Sure, it would be nice to have a cleaning service or a day of pampering, but I would rather spend time with the children who are the whole reason that I get to celebrate Mother's Day!

And that is just what we did! We went to church (gotta work on that VBS stuff that is coming up!) We left a little early to come home and get our house ready for Mother's day Dinner later that evening and then I was showered with sweet cards, homemade jewelry and bath salts. Also squeezed in some hugs and kisses with my loves.

Then we headed to Boulder to Brunch-y at this amazing Mediterranean restaurant. It was super crowded and our party of 15 only added to chaos, but it was so lovely to be out and enjoy each other.
Love these precious babies!
After brunch we headed back to our house to have Mother's Day dinner with my family! My chef of a husband made a lovely dinner of greasy tacos and tostados. They were delicious but even better, I did not have to cook OR clean up. 

I am so thankful for the Mom's in my life and there are many! I so appreciate their wisdom, guidance and love! 
But My mom truly is the best mom ever. Everyone says that about their own mother's but I am the only one who right!
This lady does it all, folks! I don't know what I would do with out her. She makes me feel like I know what I am doing in life and with my own kids. She is the BEST encourager and always has been. I have not always been the greatest daughter and I shudder to think about what Callie will do and the things that she will say as she grows up. If she is anything like me, we are in for it! But everything I did, my mama supported me, even if she didn't agree with me! I am so thankful for her and she spoils my kids rotten. What more could you ask for, really??
I love you mom, thanks for putting up with me!

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