Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What I Wore Wednesday

I guess the fun spring clothes are going to have to stay in the closet a few more weeks! It has been windy and rainy and blechhh.
I have been disliking spring in the CO for several years now. I am done. Brien and I were watching House Hunters the other day (cause we have recently joined in to world of cable TV after only 7 years) and there was a couple that was buying a primary home in Costa Rica. After watching a family buy beach front property with a pool in paradise for less than we could get a house in our own neighborhood for, he turned to me and said, "Let's move there. I can build stuff, you can teach stuff. Seriously, we can bring our families and just go."
I am sure there is something horribly wrong with Costa Rica like hurricanes or drug lords or something, but it's not sounding too bad these days...

Tight in May?? That's right.
Dress: Target
Cardi: Banana Republic, thrifted
Tights: Nordstom's
Shoes: Target

Scarf and Jacket in May?? Yup that happened as well.
Polka dot jacket: Target
Scarf: ??, thirfted
Jeans: Old Navy
Tee: Gap
Flats: Ross

Sweater in May?? This is my reality people!
Sweater: Old Navy
Pants: Old Navy
Heels: Target
Necklace: Target

It looks spring-y but it was still cold. See what I did there? Tricking myself into spring.
Tank: Old Navy
Cardi: Old Navy
Jeans: Target
Flats: Target

Again with the bright color, but still cold.
Button up: Old Navy
Cardigan: Target
Pants: American Eagle, thirfted
Flats: Target

So the weather is terrible, but there is only 13 days left of school to have to finagle myself into getting dressed for and then it's shorts and tees and flip flops. We are SO very close and SO very ready!

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